Al-Qaeda Leader Says America is the Main Enemy

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 11 September 2018

Al-Qaeda’s emir, Ayman al-Zawahiri, released a half-hour video speech today, entitled, “How to Confront America”. Al-Zawahiri’s speech mentions in passing the move of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but this—and the increasing relations of the Gulf states with the Jewish state—are held to be mere examples of the rot spread by America. Despite the lessening of Christian belief in the West, says Al-Zawahiri, the inhabitants of what was once called Christendom remain “Crusaders” at heart, with a fierce hatred for Islam and Muslims. Perhaps worse than any physical attack on the jihadists, however, is the ideological challenge of America’s secularism, Al-Zawahiri adds. An English transcript of the speech was released by As-Sahab Media and is reprinted below.


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In the Name of Allah. All praise belongs to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and Companions

My dear Muslim brothers,

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Seventeen years have passed since Bush launched his Crusader war against Muslims—a war linked with the historical enmity directed towards Islam from its dawn to this very day.

My dear Muslim brothers, we must understand the nature of the contemporary disbelievers’ enmity towards Islam and Muslims in its correct perspective, so that we may be able to define a sound methodology to successfully repel and resist their aggression and thereby fulfill our duty of jihad. Behind all the conflicts involving Muslims one finds either the direct hand of the secular crusader West in the leadership of America, or its silent approval, connivance, collusion, or intrigues.

It is basically a religious enmity, even if other shades of hostility overlap with it, whether economic greed, the desire to establish hegemony over strategic geographic locations, and so on.

It is essentially a religious enmity, even if the West tries to hide its religious nature with all shades of propaganda and lies.

America—the number one enemy of Muslims—has its enmity for Muslims—in spite of its professed secularism—rooted in the Judeo-Christian disposition widespread amongst Americans, in addition to their political and economic ambitions.

Their religious enmity derives itself from a Zionist-Crusader bias, even if many in the West have abandoned Christianity and become secularists overtly, without adherence to any religion. Yet their souls remain fertile breeding grounds for the Crusader hatred directed towards Muslims.

Therefore, when Trump insists on moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem as an open show of American recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, his decision does not emerge from a vacuum; rather it is a clear-cut articulation of this Judeo-Christian bias. American enmity for Islam is part of the enmity deeply rooted in history that has been directed towards Muslims, and which will manifest itself in one form or the other for as long as the world lasts.

The Prophet (pbuh) said to Auf bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him), ‘Count six (events) till the Day of Judgment’, till his (pbuh) he said, ‘and after it a truce between you and the yellow-skinned ones. They will commit treachery with you, and come to you (with an army) under eighty banners, under each banner twelve thousand soldiers.’ The Prophet (pbuh) also said, ‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until the Romans land in Amaq or Dabiq (in Syria)’.

The American enmity for Islam has touched almost the entire Muslim world. There is hardly a Muslim country except that America has meddled aggressively in its domestic affairs. Let us not forget that it was none other than America that played an active role in aborting the Arab Revolutions and moving into action against it anti-revolutionary forces of all shades.

O’ Muslims who take honour in their religion! Look at India which spills the blood of your brothers and sisters in Kashmir. Who supports India and openly declares it its favoured ally in spite of all its crimes in Assam, Gujarat and elsewhere? It is none other than America.

America is India’s partner in crime in its criminality against Muslims. The wound of Kashmir continues to bleed in our heart. Our people in Kashmir! We have not forgotten you, and we shall never forget you, with the permission of Allah.

Consider Pakistan. Who encouraged the burning of the Red Mosque and the killing of students in Jamiah Hafsa? It is none other than America.

Who ordered, supervised and spent huge sums of money on the killings of thousands of Muslims in Swat and the tribal areas? It is none other than America.

Who is busy killing Muslims in their thousands in Afghanistan? It is none other than America.

Who turns a blind eye to the crimes of the Buddhist government against your brothers and sisters? It is none other than America.

Who occupied parts of the Philippines, fought the Muslims and extended support to the fight against them therein during the last century and continues to do so to this day? It is none other than America.

Consider Chechnya. Who approves Russian crimes therein? It is none other than America.

Consider Bosnia. Who imposed the Dayton Accord after banning the entry of weapons for Muslims and prevented the establishment of an independent Muslim state? It is none other than America.

Consider Iraq. Who destroyed the country to its core and handed it over to the Safavids? It is none other than America.

Consider Syria. Who oversaw its division and who continues to turn a blind eye to the Russian-Safavid invasion? It is none other than America.

Consider Safavid-Rafidi Iran. Who colludes with it in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen? And who avoids bombing the Houthis in spite of their fake slogan ‘Death to America, Death to Israel’. It is America.

Consider the Arabian Peninsula. Who robs it of its petrol? And who has imposed on it the criminal and corrupt family which in its war against Islam and Muslims and cooperation with Israel has finally exposed its true despicable face. It is America.

Consider Egypt? Who has propped up the apostate, corrupt, and criminal system which is a mere subservient proxy of Israel? It is America.

Consider Palestine. Who leads the gang of criminals who have violated its sanctity? It is again America.

Let us consider Trump’s stupidity of shifting the American Embassy to Tel Aviv. What does it imply? It implies the continuity of the crime of the major criminals of the world—America being the foremost—in setting up a heavily armed forward American military base equipped with nuclear weapons in the very heart of the Muslim world—namely Israel.

Consider the Islamic Maghreb. Who has nurtured, financed and equipped the disgraced fool, Haftar? It is America.

And who supports the criminal and ruthless system in Algeria and steals its natural resources? It is America.

Who has formed a Crusader alliance with France for the killing of Muslims in the Sahel region, the Sahara and West Africa? It is America.

Our Muslim umma (community or nation)! The battle in the Islamic Maghreb is an Islamic battle which we must support by all means. I call upon every Muslim able to help his Muslim and mujahid brothers in the Islamic Maghreb generally and in the Sahara, the Sahel and West Africa specifically to rush forth for jihad. I specifically call upon the people of the Islamic Maghreb – whether they are residing in their respective countries or engaged in jihad in the different Islamic fronts—I call upon them to hasten in setting out for jihad in the front of the Islamic Maghreb for the sake of Islam and Muslims. They must not lag behind in fighting the Crusader American—French alliance with their lives, tongues, wealth, knowledge, expertise and dua.

O’ honourable and zealous Muslim! Look at Somalia and Muslim East Africa. Who is the hindrance in the path to the establishment of the shari’a therein? Who finances the Crusader forces there and participates in their war with its intelligence agencies, finances, expertise and personnel? It is America.

Who partitioned South Sudan from its northern part? Who is spreading Israeli influence in Africa? It is America.

Who honoured the blasphemer—Salman Rushdie—who had insulted the Greatest of Prophets (peace be upon him); and then welcomed him in the White House? It is America.

Therefore, we must understand the nature of the battle with the Americans, and its pervading and global nature.

In the tribal areas in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Mali, Somalia and elsewhere, the war was never between the Muslims and the local governments only; rather it has always been between the Muslims and the system of the major international criminals—America being the foremost.

Besides having an awareness of America’s leadership of the war against Islam, and developing an understanding of the comprehensive and global nature of the war with America, we must also understand how America fights?

Firstly: America assembles an alliance before initiating any hostilities, so that it may sustain the financial and human costs of war with the support of its tools and allies.

Secondly: America strives to weaken its enemy—before and during the battle—using several means, which include the following:

Fragmentation and dispersal of its enemy using the accumulated expertise of the Crusader inheritance vis-à-vis Islam and Muslims, most of which is a legacy of British colonial expertise in the Islamic East. It spends every possible effort through its propaganda mouthpieces, its intelligence agencies, or those of its proxies to dislocate its enemy. It strives to divide its rank using different techniques, which include using ‘sincere’ financiers, who promise and threaten as per the need. It turns a blind eye to deviant movements and lets them surge in an illusory manner so that their manpower is consumed in senseless battles and so that they keep the mujahideen engaged with their relentless attacks. After letting them off for a while so that they may wreak havoc in the ranks of the jihadi movement, America finally moves in to crush these movements with ruthless use of airpower.

What transpired in Iraq and Syria is evident of this strategy.

Therefore, everyone who sows discord in the ranks of the mujahideen, strives to break their unity and disperse their gathering, and everyone who ignites the fire of internal fighting and strife between the mujahideen, in reality secures American objectives with his own hands. By doing so, he saves the Americans great efforts, enormous expenses, human and financial losses—irrespective of the claims or doubts raised by the propagators of discord and seekers of power.

The treatment of these doubts and false claims is in the saying of the True One, ‘You are the best of nations brought forth for mankind; you enjoin good and forbid evil and believe in Allah’. And in the saying of the

Prophet peace be upon him, ‘If the people see an oppressor (committing injustice) and do not stop him (from doing so), it is likely that Allah will

send a punishment which will grip them all.’

If the umma condemns the efforts of breaking unity, dividing ranks, violating sanctities, and spilling blood unlawfully, the perpetrators of these crimes will think a thousand times before committing them.

Therefore, a broad consensus must be established in all segments of the umma against those who commit these crimes so that the umma’s general opinion stands in the way of their evil designs.

Among the tools used by America: Enticement and Intimidation.

America allures some by giving the false promise that if they accept its conditions, it will help them reach the corridors of powers, while it threatens others with bombing and being listed as terrorist entities or sponsors if they do not bend to its dictates.

Similarly, among the tools used by America is disrupting the objectives of its foe, causing it to deviate from its course so that it drifts away from its original goals.

An example of this are the deals that were reached with several movements in Egypt using its local tool, the Military Council, so that these movements deviate from the objective of demanding the rule of the shari’a, sink in the abyss of the secular nation-state, and accept the peace agreements with Israel as well as civil and military cooperation with America. The drop scene of this drama was the clampdown against these movements by the puppet military.

After America assembles an alliance and dislocates its enemy, it deals it a final blow with the use of airpower, and the armies of the hypocrites which it pushes ahead of its own forces, thereby saving its strength and resources to the maximum. These are the general outlines of the American strategy; a strategy that has succeeded in several cases, and failed—by the grace of Allah—in others.

Here, I would like to briefly address the issue of America’s tools.

Who are the tools of America? The tools of America are all governments and groups which have an alliance or agreements for military cooperation with America; that have American bases on their soil and cooperate with America in the field of intelligence sharing; that hand over prisoners after interrogation and obtaining information from them using torture and the filthiest of means.

The tools of America are those who have an open or secret relationship with Israel.

The tools of America are those who openly declare time and again that they are participants in the war of the major international criminals—foremost being America—against what they falsely term terrorism.

The tools of America are those who participate in American-led coalitions against Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Mali or elsewhere.

The tools of America are those to whom America extends aid so that they fight in its ranks and protect its interests.

The tools of America are those who act as guardians over its theft of Muslim resources and suppress their people for the sake of the biggest theft in human history.

The tools of America have several deceptive means at their disposal.

They have muftis, scholars, and media channels; in fact, they even have at their disposal some financiers of the mujahideen.

In addition, they have mediators who facilitate negotiations using backdoor channels for the sake of protecting American interests. Among the scholars and muftis at their disposal is a category that has positions in the governments and jobs in ministries. Yet there is another type which is much more dangerous. It benefits from the client regimes while posing itself as independent and neutral; whereas in reality it receives direct or indirect support from these regimes.

If we understand America’s war strategy against Muslims and understand how the American system works, it becomes easy for us to know how we can inflict damage on this system. For in the end Americans are weak, humble human beings like the rest of mankind.

If we wish to lay out the broad outlines of our struggle against America, I would prefer to concentrate briefly on the following points:

First: We must realize the ideological dimension of our enemy’s enmity towards us.

Second: We must wage the war—in any part of the Islamic World—as if it is a single war with different fronts against a united enemy.

Third: We must wage the war as Muslims fulfilling their duty of jihad in the Way of Allah for the supremacy of the Word of Allah.

Fourth: We must not fight the battle on the enemy’s pitch. We must not fight the battle by abiding by constitutions and secular laws, for this implies defeat and will only result in loss in both worlds. Experience—especially recent experience during the Arab revolutions—is testimony to this fact.

Fifth: We must know that the way to victory in our battle is the way of Dawah and jihad, and not weak pacifism, elections, or accepting the crumbs thrown at us by America’s tools—the client regimes.

Sixth: The way to victory in our battle is knowing our enemy.

The secular militaries in Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Somalia, Bangladesh and elsewhere have only proven themselves to be tools in the hands of international criminals—specifically America.

And those who wanted to arrive at an understanding with them and accept their rule only reaped loss in both worlds.

Secular movements are simply not worth compromising for at the cost of the rule of the shari’a; for they did not accept even Muhammad Morsi, [Rached] Ghannouchi, and HAMAS, in spite of the flood of compromises that came from them.

Seventh: We must not seek help from America or help America in fighting Muslims; even if it is against innovative extremists who declare takfeer on us and deem our blood permissible, and against whom we may be forced to fight.

This is so because we must obey Allah regarding them, even if they disobey Allah regarding us.

Eighth: We must be aware of hired beards of the Salafiyya of riyals, dollars, interior ministry, and intelligence agencies who obey the wali al-amr—the one who calls for the unity of religions, legalizes usury, steals natural resources, wages campaigns against hijab, spreads immorality and recognizes Israel.

Ninth: We must the battle together. Those who stand in the way of unity and work to break or weaken it, knowingly or unknowingly secure American interests, even if they claim otherwise.

Tenth: We must create a general consensus amongst the ranks of the mujahideen for the revival of the duty of enjoining good and forbidding evil so as to create a barrier against every seeker of power who seeks to empower himself by sowing discord and violating the blood and sanctities of Muslims.

Eleventh: We must realize that the tools of America cannot help Islam and Muslims against America, even if they temporarily facilitate some matters for the sake of their own temporary interests.

Twelfth: We must understand that the Safavid-Rafidi forces, from the beginnings of this movement to this day, have not changed their orientation in the least. They will only be satisfied with the annihilation of the Ahl as Sunna, and they have no qualms about cooperating and working with the Americans for the achievement of this goal, in spite of all the enmity between them.

Thirteenth: The battle is massive and the lessons learned from the Arab Revolutions prove that without pressurizing America and bleeding it to death we will not achieve victory, because America will try to nip any Islamic movement in the bud.

Fourteenth: Our battle with the leading criminals—foremost being America—demands collaboration among all Islamic forces, specifically the scholars, leaders and mujahideen. It demands from the umma that it supports its mujahideen, learns the art of warfare, and returns to jihad. It demands a mindset that promotes fear of God, and rises to the level of the responsibility imposed by the nature of the conflict, for there is no room for feeble pacifism, vain secular elections, trying to establish authority over one another or stirring mutual strife; rather the need of the hour is unity, organization and mobilization.

My Muslim brothers! The battle against America has become inevitable; it leaves us with one of the two choices: honour in confronting the aggression, or humiliation in accepting ignominy.

And we shall not—with the help of Allah—accept a life of humiliation.

This is how we shall wage our jihad with full awareness; hitting hard at America, bleeding it to death economically and militarily, until it departs from our lands defeated—with the permission of Allah—just as it had departed from Vietnam, Aden, Iraq and Somalia.


Bring your people together and shoulder the responsibility

For the promise is fulfilled first for the nation that sacrifices

Those who are patient in spite of the wound and pain

The truthful ones in an age in which lying is widespread

Who safeguard their promise with Allah and never break it

Steadfast even if the entire world turns its back

Content with whatever little they possess

Thankful over abstinence even if life is difficult

Holding on to the rope of Allah

The symbol of their flag truth and tawheed (monotheism)

Firm believers in the promise of Allah

Their weapon dua of the one who spends the night supplicating before Allah

Hijrah in the way of Allah continues

Its acceptance accompanied with fear and consciousness of Allah

True brotherhood in the way of Allah

Never tainted with cheating, discord or flaw

Their mark being unity in the way of Allah

Their defenses in battle a fortified wall

They did not retreat from the path of the truth

Or succumb to greed in spite of being lured by the lowly ones

They exert their efforts to destroy America and its cohorts

Who have succumbed to their attacks with wounds bleeding

Truth is on their side, so increase their determination

And further their strength, never giving in to those who have let down

Be firm of the methodology of the companions

Following in the footsteps of the rightly guided, leaving those who deviated or changed course

 Caliphate in accordance with the way of Allah we demand

On the methodology of the Family, representing the way of the Companions

The methodology of Prophethood pleases us

And the Sunnah of the Prophet unites us

In the best of ages with it Islam was victorious

And the rightly guided ones governed with it and did justice

From the pulpit of Prophethood it was declared

And conveyed to prosperity by all the Companions

The way is consultation alone, so let there be no trust in any embezzler

The way of Caesar is evil, corrupt and baseless

O’ seeker of the eternal paradise

Be aware of the punishment for those who die for the sake of power

Hellfire is the destination of the oppressors thirsty for blood

He who does not fear the Hereafter, with him is the fire of hell ignited

Be firm on the path of tawheed

Avoiding sects whose religion is suspension of principles and deception is their way

They have changed religion with their slander

And because of it usury, indecency and deception has spread

So unite your ranks from Shinqeet

All the way to Chechnya, with victory in your stride

To you the hands of all sincere ones have been extended Beseeching you in the name of Allah, O’ hero!


Our last prayer is that all praise belongs to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and Companions.

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