India’s Options in Afghanistan

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 6 October 2021

Army Jawans hold the National Flag near the snow-covered border on the 71st Republic Day (ANI Photo)

The U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman arrived in India today for a three-day visit. Afghanistan will be high on the agenda.

India’s role in Afghanistan is often overlooked, but India is (indirectly) the central player in events there dating back half-a-century: Pakistan’s project to colonise Afghanistan through jihadists — the Taliban-Qaeda forces being the most recent iteration — is for “strategic depth” in its never-ending ideological war against India.

In the 1990s, India was, with Russia and Iran, the leading supporter of the anti-Taliban resistance, known as the United Islamic Front (UIF) or “Northern Alliance”. Operating out of Tajikistan, once again the hinge state for the anti-Taliban cause, the Indians were able to supply munitions and other assistance to the UIF. The UIF leader, Ahmad Shah Masud, died at the Indian field hospital on the Farkhor Airfield in Tajikistan.

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1 thought on “India’s Options in Afghanistan

  1. pre-Boomer Marine brat

    Regarding India/Pakistan in the largest, the historical sense ….

    Mountbatten was an exceptional wartime commander. Noel Coward’s ‘In Which We Serve’ is one of the favorite films in my library, and I’d love to know if those boxed-up Burmese Spitfires do exist.

    However, a later argument can be made that the IRA (or someone else) didn’t act soon enough. The blood on that man’s hands because of Partition and Kashmir doesn’t come near to matching that on Stalin’s or Mao’s, but it’s substantial.

    No one today holds him publicly accountable for the chaos which Partition turned into, nor for the deliberate castration of Kashmir from the stated intents and purposes of the Partition terms. By not publicly acknowledging that history, they repeat it … again, and again.

    Mountbatten’s coffin should be removed from its crypt and placed in the center of the road at the Wagah Border Crossing, late one afternoon — the lid removed, the coffin filled with urine, and a match tossed in.

    (Also, I wager that 99% of those reading this will not have a clue as to what I’m referring to.)


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