Selected Articles

29 June 2021: “Iran Now Controls Three Borders With Israel. Hamas’s Missile War Was A Foretaste Of What Tehran Intends Next,” Fathom Journal

8 January 2021: Book Review, “Tonight We Bombed the Capitol: The Explosive Story of M19, America’s First Female Terrorist Group,” European Eye on Radicalization

16 November 2020: “Death and Consequences for Al-Qaeda’s Leadership,” European Eye on Radicalization

26 May 2020: Book Review, “Your Sons Are at Your Service: Tunisia’s Missionaries of Jihad,” Fathom Journal

6 April 2020: “Coronavirus and Continued Conflict Push Syria Into Greater Chaos,” Jamestown Foundation

6 January 2020: “The Middle East After Qassem Sulaymani,” European Eye on Radicalization

24 November 2019: “In Syria, PKK Mimics Assad’s Propaganda And The West Falls For It,” The Arab Weekly

20 November 2019: “Obama, Trump and the collapse of the American position in the Middle East,” Fathom Journal

18 November 2019: “Rift Emerges in PKK Command Structure over Ties to U.S. Coalition Forces in Syria,” Jamestown Foundation

8 November 2019: “Who is the New Leader of the Islamic State?,” European Eye on Radicalization

11 October 2019: Interview with De Re Militari about the SDF/PKK and Geopolitics of the U.S.-Turkey Relationship and Russia

26 July 2019: “Protecting National Interests: The Requirement for a New British Strategy in the Gulf,” with Rob Clark for The Greater Middle East Research and Studies

22 July 2019: “Turkey’s Juggling Act With The US And Russia,” Observer Research Foundation

14 July 2019: “Did Moscow Fake a Suicide Bombing? Why Israel Can’t Trust Russia to Counter Terrorism – or Iran,” with Oved Lobel for Haaretz

14 June 2019: “The PKK Roots of America’s Ally in Syria,” Jamestown Foundation

17 May 2019: “Is The US Heading For War With Iran?,” CapX

18 April 2019: “Israel’s World is Shrinking: How the Iran–Russia Axis is Gaining Ground,” RUSI Newsbriefa

9 April 2019: “How Netanyahu Saved Assad, Helped Russia and Gave Iran the Run of Syria,” Haaretz

15 March 2019: “British Invasion,” cover story for The Washington Examiner about the spread of extremism, particularly antisemitism, on the Left

9 January 2019: “Iran Has Been Caught Causing Terror In Europe Once Again,” The New York Post

12 December 2018: “‘Zionism is Making Us Stupid’: The Russian Relationship with Israel from the Soviets to Putin,” Medium Essay

9 December 2018: “Hezbollah’s Tunnels Are Part Of Iran’s Strategy,” The Arab Weekly

8 December 2018: “The Best Bad Outcome For Idlib,” Ahval

25 November 2018: “US Losing Control In Syria As Russia-Iran Axis Gains Ground,” The Arab Weekly

29 August 2018: “The State of Play in Syria and Iraq,” Foreign Relations

5 August 2018: “In Syria, Israel Finds Itself Dependent on Russian Goodwill,” The Arab Weekly

2 August 2018: “The British Left’s Meltdown over Anti-Semitism Should be a Warning,” The New York Post

31 July 2018: “Russia to Pick Apart NATO Allies to Reconquer All of Syria,” Ahval

4 July 2018: “Book Review: Illusions of Victory,” Fathom Journal

3 June 2018: “Rumours of an Iran-Russia Split over Syria Little More than a Western Chimaera,” The Arab Weekly

8 May 2018: “Where Next for the West in Syria?CapX

28 April 2018: “There is as Much Evidence Against Assad as There was Against the Nazis,” TRT World

20 March 2018: “America’s Syrian drift,” CapX

3 March 2018: “Human Rights Abuses in Rojava,” The Diplomatic Observer

11 February 2018: Submitted evidence to “Kurdish aspirations and the interests of the UK,” British Parliamentary Report

9 October 2017: “How Turkey and the U.S. Fell Out—and Why Russia Will Benefit,” The International Business Times

6 October 2017: “Isil is not beaten – our devil’s bargain with Iran has ensured it will flourish for years to come,” The Telegraph

14 September 2017: “In Iraq and Syria, ISIS Plays the Long Game,” Al-Jumhuriya

14 September 2017: “Inside Putin’s Libyan Power Play,” Foreign Policy

16 August 2017: “Turkey’s Role in Syria,” Moshe Dayan Centre’s Turkeyscope

12 July 2017: “Book Review: The Shell,” Fathom Journal

7 June 2017: “In attacking Tehran, Isil is fighting to capture the mantle of ‘protector of the Sunnis’,” The Telegraph

6 June 2017: “The Error of Arming the Syrian Kurds,” The New York Times

16 May 2017: “The Western odyssey in defeating ISIS,” Fathom Journal

21 April 2017: “In its drive to divide the West, Isil would celebrate a Marine Le Pen presidency,” The Telegraph

5 April 2017: “Idlib gas attack is an effort by the Syrian regime to formalise West’s pro-Assad policy,” The Telegraph

24 March 2017: “Even if Isis is defeated in Syria and Iraq, its foreign reach has taken on a life of its own,” The International Business Times

15 March 2017: “Book Review: The Master Plan: ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Jihadi Strategy for Final Victory,” Fathom Journal

13 December 2016: “We should not be shocked that Isis took Palmyra—Assad and Putin cannot hold back the jihadi hordes,” The International Business Times

15 August 2016: “The Intellectual Roots of ISIS,” The Wall Street Journal

29 July 2016: “‘Lone wolf’ Attacks in Europe Are Nothing of the Sort,” The Telegraph

30 March 2016: “We should not celebrate Bashar al-Assad’s victory over Isis in Palmyra,” The International Business Times

11 March 2016: “How Syria’s Assad Gave Rise to One of the Most Senior IS Leaders [Amr al-Absi (Abu al-Atheer)],” Middle East Eye

17 February 2016: “America Picked the Wrong Allies Against the Islamic State,” NOW Lebanon

16 February 2016: “How Russia and Iran took advantage of Syrian peace talks to choke Aleppo,” The Independent

23 December 2015: “How Saddam Hussein Gave Us ISIS,” The New York Times

17 December 2015: “As Another Activist is Murdered, the Least We Owe ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ is Our Attention,” The Independent 

3 December 2015: “If Assad is not forced out, Isis never will be,” The Independent

30 November 2015: “Syria’s Many Moderate Rebels,” NOW Lebanon

4 November 2015: “[Book Review of] The ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy, and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State,” NOW Lebanon

12 October 2015: “Think Reports of How ISIS Treats Women Are Too Awful to Be True? Think Again,” Verily

28 September 2015: “Saddam’s Faith Campaign and the Islamic State,” NOW Lebanon

20 July 2015: “Saddam’s Former Loyalists Are Leading ISIS — as True Believers,” National Review

17 July 2015: “Will the US even hold Iran to the terms of nuclear agreement?,” The Independent


Book Chapters

23 October 2020: Syria chapter for the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) World Almanac on Islamism

4 October 2020: Al-Qaeda chapter for the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) World Almanac on Islamism



24 July 2018: “The Secular Foreign Fighters of the West in Syria,” Insight Turkey

30 November 2017: “Qatar and the Gulf Crisis,” The Henry Jackson Society

17 August 2017: “The Forgotten Foreign Fighters: The PKK in Syria,” The Henry Jackson Society

11 July 2017: “Understanding CONTEST: The Foundation and the Future,” The Henry Jackson Society

24 March 2017: “Foreign Terrorist Attacks By The Islamic State, 2002-2016,” The Henry Jackson Society

23 December 2016: “Turkey and The West in Syria: Course Correction,” The Henry Jackson Society

29 July 2016: “Governing the Caliphate: Profiles of Islamic State Leaders,” The Henry Jackson Society

17 June 2016: “How the Iran Entente Caused the Syria Crisis,” The Henry Jackson Society

25 November 2015: “Destroying Islamic State, Defeating Assad: A Strategy for Syria,” The Henry Jackson Society