Islamic State Claims the Leadership of Jihad

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on May 15, 2014

The Islamic State’s official spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, gave a speech on March 7, 2014, entitled, “Then Let Us Invoke The Curse Of Allah Upon The Liars”. An English translation of the speech was made by Musa Cerantonio and is reproduced below.

All praise is to Allah, the Strong, the Firm, and may the Blessings and Peace (of Allah) be upon the one who came with the sword as a Mercy to the Worlds.

As to what follows:

Allah the Exalted said, “O you who believe, if a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done” [49:6].

And He the Exalted said, “O you who believe, fear Allah and be with those who are true.” [9:119].

To the one who seeks Jihad in the Path of Allah;

To the one who wants support of Allah’s Religion;

To the one who sincerely seeks to rule by Allah’s Law;

To the one who is in doubt due to the affairs and has become confused fearing fitnah and wanting righteousness;

To the one who sought to stop, to drawback or remain neutral;

Lend me your hearing and reflect.

Stand unbiased to Allah only and think.

Your Lord said to you: “You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah” [5:82]. And He said to you: “And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able” [2:217]. And He said: “Rather, it was your plotting by night and day when you ordered us to disbelieve in Allah and attribute to Him equals” [34:33].

So if you desire to know the truth then be impartial to Allah and look:

Who is it today that are the bitter enemies of America, and who opposes the Jews and the rafidhah and all of their tails (followers) from the tyrants? Who is it that enrages them? Who is it that threatens their security? Who unsettles them from their places of rest? Who became a source of concern for them and terrifies them? Upon whom do they plot and conspire night and day? Against whom did they direct all their media and their trumpets to damage the reputation, discredit, distort, disrupt, accuse, slander, incite and gather against?

There is no doubt that they are the mujahideen, but I ask you, by Allah, O seeker of jihad, is the Islamic State not on the top of this list?

I ask you by Allah, is there any entity on the face of the Earth that the nations of disbelief and their groups and movements agreed to wage war upon and sought to do so like that of the (Islamic) State? And yet they claim that the State corrupted the Jihad in Iraq and wants to corrupt it in al-Sham!

I ask you by Allah, Oh seeker of the truth: If the State were a corrupter of the Jihad, would the nations of disbelief wage war upon it and seek to eradicate it? Would it not be best for them to leave it alone if those claims were honest? Or is it that the nations of disbelief and their followers from among the tyrants have become protectors of the Jihad and eager to safeguard it?

Oh you who seeks the victory of Allah’s Religion, do you want to be in the rank of Salim Iblis, or the group of Jarba, or the militia of Jamal Maʿruf, or Ahfad ar-Ra’is, or the Northern gangs, or Afash and Hayyani and Jazarah? And behind them al-Salul, America and the disbelieving West?

So by Allah, the support and cheering of them for you in your fighting against the State is reason enough for you to stop fighting the State or supporting those who fight it, in addition to the joy of the Nusayris and the rafida at what you do.

Oh you who seeks Righteousness, your Prophet (SAW) said: “Go to al-Sham, for verily it is Allah’s chosen land from among His lands, to which the best of His creation will be gathered.” So look to the immigrants (muhajireen) in the land of al-Sham, among which rank are they today?

Do you think Oh confused one that they left their homes, their wealth and their nations in order to corrupt the jihad, or rather did they come to fight in the Path of Allah? Did they leave their families and their dependents and split from their beloved ones to fight the ones who wage Jihad in the Path of Allah, or did they come to fight the tyrants and the corrupter’s and to give victory to this Religion? Did they depart in order to steal wealth and to oppress Muslims, or to defend the sanctity and the honor of the vulnerable?

Oh migrant who still remains among the ranks of the factions, stop and check around and see how many remain with you from among the immigrants (muhajireen).

Oh supporters (Ansar), consider the Words of your Lord, “Indeed, those who have believed, and those who have emigrated and fought in the cause of Allah—those expect the mercy of Allah” [2:218].

And the saying of the Exalted, “Indeed, those who have believed and emigrated and fought with their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah and those who gave shelter and aided—they are allies of one another” [8:72].

And the saying of the Exalted, “And those who have believed and emigrated and fought in the cause of Allah and those who gave shelter and aided—it is they who are the believers, truly. For them is forgiveness and noble provision” [8:74].

So offer shelter to in the Muhajireen Oh Ansar, for very Allah the Blessed and Exalted said, “And those who emigrated for Allah after they had been oppressed—We will surely settle them in this world in a good place; but the reward of the Hereafter is greater, if only they but knew” [16:41].

And He said, “Then, indeed your Lord, to those who emigrated after they had been compelled to renounce their religion and thereafter fought and were patient—indeed, your Lord, after that, is Forgiving and Merciful” [16:110].

Offer shelter to the Muhajireen Oh Ansar, for verily they are a bastion of security in every field of Jihad.

Offer shelter to the Muhajireen Oh Ansar, for verily Allah is a guarantor for them.

Offer shelter to the Muhajireen Oh Ansar, shelter them and assist them for verily Allah will never misguide them.

Offer shelter to the Muhajireen Oh Ansar, for verily Jihad is not established except by the Muhajireen and the Ansar.

So beware, Oh you who hopes for the Mercy of Allah, do not be a sword in the hand of America or an arrow in the quiver of the Nusayris whilst you are unaware. Do not be in the trench of Democracy whilst you do not realize.

So fear Allah in dealing with us Oh servants of Allah.

So fear Allah in dealing with us Oh servants of Allah.

So fear Allah in dealing with this oppressed State.

All are gathered for its fall, its removal and its end. All are agreed upon fighting it and there are many reasons, and differing accusations, and one goal:

The elimination of the Islamic State. Intersected by all interests, and all spectrum’s are united upon it, and so all are fighting against the State.

Their hearts differed, their gatherings have split, their assemblies have been dispersed, except in regards to the State:

  • The Jews and the Crusaders and their followers from the tyrants fight alleging that we are terrorist criminals, rebelling against their laws.
  • The rafida and the Nusayris fight us alleging that we are Wahhabi disbelievers, agents of America, the Jews and al-Salu
  • The Sahawat (Awakening councils) of Iraq fight us alleging that we are agents of Iran. The Sahawat of al-Sham fight us alleging that we are agents of the Nusayris and their government.
  • Jabhat al-Islamiyyah, the Front of damage, the Front of al-Salul, fight us claiming that we are Khawarij
  • Jabhat al-Jolani, (al-Nusra), the Front of treachery and betrayal, fight us claiming that we are transgressors closer to disbelief who abstain from ruling by Allah’s Law.

So what an amazement, what an amazement! Subhan Allah!

If we were to ask anyone for a single proof regarding what they accuse us of and for which fight us against; they would not be able to do so. And they remain as false allegations and void accusations, lacking any proof or evidence, and not a single good characteristic is attributed to the Islamic State. It is pictured as if it were absolute evil, to the extent that no evil or calamity befalls in Iraq or al-Sham except that the State is responsible for it.

If a house or neighborhood were attacked, they would say it is because of the State. If a neighborhood or house were bombarded with shells, they would say it is because of the State. If a women or a child were killed, they would say it is because of the State. And if a graveyard were discovered, or a dead body was found, or a dead body, or someone was assassinated, they would say who else but the State. And if someone were kidnapped, they would say cursed is the State. If electricity were cut off or water was held back, they would say it is because of the State. If the skies withheld the rain and the land became dry, they would say it is because of the State. How amazing are you, Oh State! How amazing are you, Oh State!

Everyone is fighting the state, and seeking hard to abolish it, and all are accusing the State of being in a state of enmity with everyone and wanting to fight everybody. By Allah Oh people, mention to us one group that we initiated fighting with before they initiated it. For we only deal with them with forbearance and patience against what they harm us with, but they do not fear the anger of the forbearer, and instead they step forth against us and start fighting us. Verily it is the Dinar and the Dollar, it is blind jealousy and black envy.

And verily in each day we call out, “Oh people, keep away from us so that we may keep away from you, with no terms or conditions, without any plots or conspiracies.”

So what is with you? Leave us be on our own against the rafida, leave us be on our own against the Nusayris, leave us be on our own against the Crusaders, leave us be on our own against the Jews.

By Allah, if we were more extreme than the Azariqah (the most extreme group of the Khawarij), it is required then upon those who call to Jihad, to stop attacking us so long as we are not attacking them, and we turned to (fight) the rafida and the Nusayris. It is required upon the Ummah to support and assist us as long as we are fighting against the extremely transgressing enemy.

So how is it—and Allah is our witness—on how we deal severely with the Khawarij, whom are among the ranks of all the groups, since the time of the Prophet (SAW), have you not heard what their grandfather said: “Be just, Oh Muhammad, for you have not been just”.

And the ones who we are aware of their presence, we hastily work on correcting their behavior, educating them and taking them by their hand and we hereby invite all who accuse us of extremism; be it scholar or Shaykh or preacher or judge, anywhere around the world, to all those in authority or leaders or soldiers in any group to every Muslim, to come to the areas controlled by the Islamic State, whether in Iraq or al-Sham, and walk around our localities, camps and institutions, and they may meet whomever they please from among our soldiers, leaders and commanders, so they can see and hear for themselves, ask, inspect and investigate, and then judge us and be a witness of our aqeeda [creed] and manhaj [methodology] and I extend this invitation in particular to the soldiers of the groups.

So, oh you who desires Jihad in the path of Allah, be wary and be not deluded, that you might be averted from the path of Allah and fight the Mujahideen of fight in Allah’s path. And these are our doors open to you, so come and look by your own eyes, and judge by yourself, by Allah you will not find us except harsh against the extremists and the Khawarij, and indeed that is justice.

It is unjust that they make accusations of different crimes, accusations without any proof. And if you were to ask someone, how is it that they have come to this judgement? They would say, “Someone who is trustworthy has reported this to me.”

Subhan Allah, even if that trustworthy person was an enemy to us and if you were to ask another one: what is your evidence that they are Khawarij? They would say, “They killed the Muslims.” Subhan Allah.

Verily, the State is locked in a fierce war, rather numerous intense and ruinous wars, in Iraq and al-Sham, and verily our troops fight night and day, they are not separated from their weapons even when they are sleeping, and they enter into the towns and cities and they mingle with the people, and no group or army is void of ignorant people or those who make mistakes. And verily all of those from among the Muslims who were killed at the hands of the State—if such things occurred—then it is because of these types of people.

For the ignorant one kills because of his ignorance, and the one who errs kills because of his errors, and how many times did the Prophet (SAW) disassociate himself from the killing of individuals that were killed by the Sahabah (his Companions)? Add to that what the State has been accused of in regards to fighting of events that it is innocent of. So fear Allah in dealing with us and describing us as Khawarij for reasons such as these events.

Then what is wrong with people that overlook and forget all of the mistakes and crimes of the (other) groups, and their atrocities and ugly acts. They have closed their eyes and placed their fingers in their ears, they hid under their garments and muzzled their mouths, and they followed after the errors of the State and looked for its mistakes. They searched day and night with a microscope for an action or an incident to condemn or find fault in so that it may be exaggerated and magnified and dramatized, repeated and circulated, then that action into an attribute of the State and its manhaj and its religion.

So fear Allah in your dealing with us, oh servants of Allah!

Oh Allah, to you we complain of the oppression of the people upon us.

Oh Allah, they claim that the State refuses arbitration by the Law of God, what a derogatory claim that is!

Is the State fighting the West and the East, the black and the red, and is it struck by the swords except that it is to rule by the Law of God? Verily the Islamic State will not reject arbitration by the Law of God, and whoever refuses to refer to the Law of God has disbelieved. Verily these fools have made their initiatives as if they were the Law of God, and whoever rejects them for any legitimate reason has rejected the Law of God! Glory be to you (Oh Allah), this is indeed a great falsehood!

Verily, the State does not reject arbitration by the Law of God in any day, God forbid! It was subject to the common court and it was not rejected nor refused for even a day.

Examples of this:

  • The case of the killing of Abu Ubayda al-Binnishi and the case of the killing of Muhammad Faris al-Halabi from Ahrar al-Sham—may Allah have Mercy upon them both—and the judge Abu Abdul-Malik was from their side
  • The case of the checkpoint of Liwa’ al-Tawhid who took the area from the State, and the judge Hassan was from their side.
  • The case of Liwa’ al Tawhid when they killed 2 from the State, and the judge Hassan was from their side.
  • The case with Jabhat al-Jolani, when they killed Atiyyah al-Anzi, a sharʿi with the State.
  • A common court was also formed with Jabhat Al-Jolani regarding the services of the Islamic administration.
  • A court with Ahrar Suriya in the case of a those accused of the attempted assassination of Abu Anas Al-Iraqi, and the judge Mahmud Abu Malik was from their side.

So none then should malign us, nor accuse us of saying that we only accept if we are the judge and the jury. No, but rather the people rejected the common court, and they came with deceit, conspiracy and intrigue, through it they made their initiatives as if they were the Law of God, and that rejecting it is rejecting the Law of God, and thus a brandished sword was thrust upon the State. Yes, it may be that the first ruling of such an independent court advocated by these initiatives would be the demand for the State to leave al-Sham—as stated by one of their elders on the satellite channels—and handing it over to the hyenas, foxes and wolves; to the traitors, the thieves and the betrayers, a matter which under it is breaking skulls, striking necks and the cutting open of the stomachs.

The people do not want but one thing. Denial of the existence of the Islamic State out of stubbornness and pride, and to see its fall and elimination. They had began to traverse the path of peaceful conspiracies and they thought that they would incite the people against the State, and divide the soldiers who were around it and they were incapacitated and they failed, so when they saw it strengthening and expanding they resorted to force and they thought that they would erase it in a few days or even a few hours, so they planned for a full-scale military campaign in all of al-Sham which they paved with a malicious and filthy media campaign to tarnish the image of the State and to pit the people against it. They mobilized their trumpets and utilized all of the satellite channels and then launched a campaign of treachery and betrayal, and so they were surprised to find that the State was tougher than they had expected and they were unable to break it. So they began pounding upon each other and blaming and complaining and crying… With the continuation of a campaign of lies, slander, backstabbing, distortion and defamation, which was summarized in a speech by the sharʿi of al-Jolani and a member of his shura, Abu Abdullah al-Shami [Abdurraheem Atun], the liar whose speech I heard just one time and I counted from it approximately 40 lies.

Here I shall mention some of them to which I invite him to a mubahalah* over, and he shall agree to this mubahalah if he is truthful.

(*Note—A mubahalah is when two parties both ask Allah to send His curse upon whichever of them is lying)

So, oh believers, be secure and invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars.

Oh Allah, verily Abu Abdullah al-Shami claimed about us:

  • That we raised the affair to the Shaykh [Ayman] al-Zawahiri and that both parties were pleased with the judgment and the judge.
  • That the State is using lies and deceit to infer that its manhaj is correct, and that it began a campaign that slandered and distorted the aqeeda and manhaj of the leaders of Jihad.
  • That it began raids into al-Sham with a series of successive and intense attacks against the headquarters and warehouses of the Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) as well as its military camps.
  • That whenever anyone opposes it or advises it, that it works to overthrow it by all means.
  • That from its customs are treachery and betrayal.
  • That it breaks covenants and treaties.
  • That from its customs is making false oaths.
  • That it fools its soldiers to change them to be against Jabhat al-Nusra and to make them believe that Jabhat al-Nusra is of the Sahawa
  • That the State repeatedly threatened Abu Khalid As-Suri.
  • That it refuses to submit to a shariʿa court.
  • That it declares disbelief upon some people upon hearing that they sat with a disbeliever.
  • He claimed that the State declares others as disbelievers based upon suspicions, conjecture and possibilities as well as what he calls Shinshinah (rumours, empty claims).
  • That it ruled that all of those who opposed it are members of the Sahawa
  • That it placed snipers in Al-Raqqah and began to kill any Muslims that passed by.
  • That the Shaykh ʿUmar al-Shishani broke promises that he made with Abu Khalid As-Suri.
  • That the State views everyone that fights it has become a fighter of Islam (ie. may be fought) that has left the Millah (Ummah/Religion).
  • That it declares disbelief based upon accessories, similarities, possibilities and conjecture.
  • That it tests people in regards to their beliefs and that it kills the people of Islam but leave the people of idolatry.
  • That from its attributes is Taqiyyah, breaking of promises, treachery, false oaths and debauchery.
  • That it refuses to obey and to submit to the Law of God.
  • That it began the aggression and oppression towards others.
  • That it is considered as the greatest obstacle in the path of Jihad and defense against the Nusayri

O Allah, verily I testify to you that what I mentioned previously from what your servant Abu Abdullah al-Shami said are lies and slurs against the State, and that it is not from its manhaj nor from its beliefs, and neither does it intend to do any such things, rather it repudiates whoever does such things.

O Allah, whoever from among us is lying then impose your curse upon him, and show us a sign through him, and make an example of him

O Allah, whoever from among us is lying then impose your curse upon him, and show us a sign through him, and make an example of him

O Allah, whoever from among us is lying then impose your curse upon him, and show us a sign through him, and make an example of him

O Allah, all who conspire against the Jihad and the Mujahideen, return his plan back to his throat, and uncover his belongings, reveal his secrets and make him an example for those who consider. Oh Allah shed upon him maladies and trials.

“And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know” [12:21].

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