Syrian Opposition Statement of Principles of the Revolution

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on September 18, 2015

After a meeting of the Syrian Islamic Council, a statement was published today, “The Five Principles Document of the Syrian Revolution,” which explained the baseline demands of the insurrectionary forces in Syria in any process to end the war. The principles included the removal of Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad, disbanding the intelligence apparatus that has carried out the massacres and repression, and the expulsion of all foreign terrorists, including the Islamic State and the legion of Shi’a jihadists that the Iranian government has flooded into Syria to save the Assad regime.

A statement to the great Syrian people and the free people everywhere in the world.

The Syrians’ revolution was launched against tyranny, corruption, and oppression to achieve justice, equality, and to regain the dignity and freedom that were usurped by the regime’s repression and crime. They cannot give up their human and national rights, which are guaranteed by Islam and all divine religions and international treaties.

Those on the way of revolution seek to achieve their aims by all legitimate means, including a political solution, with the following constants:

First: Toppling Bashar al-Assad and his regime and submitting them to a just court.

Second: Disassembling the military and repressive intelligence system, while building up a military and security architecture based on an unbiased national bases and maintaining the other state institutions.

Third: All terrorist, sectarian, and foreign force represented by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, [Lebanese] Hizballah, the militia of Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas, and the Islamic State are to get out of Syria.

Fourth: Maintaining the unity of the Syrian people, their land, independence, sovereignty, and identity.

Fifth: Refusing sectarian and political quotas.

Any political negotiation approach that does not take into consideration the Syrian people’s aspirations is a deceptive attempt to circumvent the Syrians’ goals, and is therefore absurd and a waste of time.

Any effort in dealing with the important issues such as reconstruction, fighting terrorism, achieving national peace and security, and setting up a constitutional system will not be accepted by the Syrians if it does not emanate from the [above-specified] constants of our people, since it would minimize their real concerns and concentrate on trivialities.

We highly appreciate any effort to save Syria and believe that putting off the main issues—the departure of al-Assad and his militias, constructing an independent Syrian state, and the absence of serious guarantees in this context—will complicate the problem and deepen he wounds.

The International Security Council—which is involved in maintaining global security, legally, politically, and ethically—has to defend the Syrian people, contribute to achieve its noble goals, and stop the massacres committed against it.

At the same time, we notice attempts to rehabilitate the regime for making it a part of the present and future of Syria. We also see the Security Council overlooking the horrific massacres that have taken place before, during, and after his Presidential Statement.

The national forces undersigned on this document promise to hold fast to the Syrian people’s constants in the glorious revolution. They also consider that any effort to abandon these principles is a throwing away of the Syrians’ rights and disparaging their sacrifices and blood. Thus, it will not be successful because it suggests and imposes rules that are legally, politically, and morally rejected.

Tuesday, 4 Dhu’l-Hijjah 1436 [18 September 2015]

Signatories included six categories: judicial bodies (28); armed revolutionary factions (20); political opposition groups (11); civil society organizations, i.e. NGOs (8); the local councils (8); and “national figures” (52) such as veteran oppositionists like Michel Kilo and other well-known dissident and revolutionary figures like Ghassan Hitto and Abdul Jabbar al-Akidi.

The armed groups signed onto this statement are:

  1. Jaysh al-Islam
  2. Al-Jabhat al-Shamiya (The Levant Front)
  3. Faylaq al-Sham
  4. Kataib Nooradeen al-Zengi
  5. Jaysh al-Mujahideen
  6. Al-Fawj al-Awl (The First Regiment)
  7. Liwa al-Sultan Murad
  8. Kataib al-Sultan Muhamad Fatih (Mehmed the Conqueror Brigade)
  9. Kataib Thuwar al-Sham
  10. Harakat Tahrir Homs (Homs Liberation Movement)
  11. Faylaq al-Homs (Homs Legion)
  12. Al-Ittihad al-Islami li-Ajnad al-Sham (The Soldiers of Syria Islamic Union)
  13. Faylaq al-Rahman
  14. Liwa al-Yarmouk
  15. Jabhat Ansar al-Islam (operates in Deraa/Qunaytra, the sternest Islamists provided TOWs)
  16. Alwiyat wa Kataib Tawhid al-Asima
  17. Tajamu Kataib Fatah Rif Dimashq
  18. Furqat Amoud Horan (Horan Column Division)
  19. Kataib Safwat al-Islamiyah (Swords of Islam Brigades)
  20. Riyad al-Asaad’s Free Syrian Army

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