The Islamic State’s Newsletter on the London Bridge Attack and Melbourne Siege

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 8 June 2017

Al-Naba 84

The eighty-forth edition of Al-Naba (The News), released by the Islamic State on 8 June 2017, included a section on the terrorist attacks in Britain, on London Bridge, on 3 June, and in Australia, the siege of the apartment block in Melbourne, on 5 June.

At the top of page thirteen (of sixteen) in Al-Naba 84 was an article, “Dead and Wounded from Among the Crusaders in London, and A New Attack By a Single Mujahid in Australia”. “This week, Islamic State soldiers launched attacks on the crusaders in Britain and Australia”, the brief article. Between the two attacks, IS inflicted “about sixty [casualties], both dead and wounded”. This is correct.

The London Bridge attack by Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba involved a ramming attack with a van on the bridge itself and then stabbings at Borough Market until the three men were killed by armed police. They massacred eight people and wounded forty-eight. In the Brighton area of Melbourne, Yacqub Khayre shot and murdered a receptionist and took a prostitute hostage in a room of the Buckingham International Serviced Apartments. Ultimately, three police officers were injured in the attempt to neutralize Khayre, and Khayre was shot dead.

IS has previously claimed both attacks via Amaq.

Of the London Bridge attack, Naba says:

A security detachment of Islamic State soldiers managed to penetrate the intensive measures taken by the British crusader government recently, and carried out a bloody attack on Saturday, 8 Ramadan [1438], that killed and wounded 55 crusaders.

The detachment raided a group of crusaders on the bridge known as the London Bridge, and then launched attacks with knives on another group, killing and wounding a large number of them.

The blessed operation resulted in the deaths of 7 crusaders and wounding about 48 others, many of them seriously, which is likely to increase the number of dead.

The operation, God willing, provoked a state of great terror among the crusaders, especially after several bloody operations have shaken their [sense of] security. This operation is the third of its kind in three months.

It is noteworthy that the British crusader government has raised the alert to the highest levels and deployed thousands of soldiers in the streets and in vital areas of the country in an effort to prevent any attack similar to that by the soldiers of the caliphate, or the bloody attack by a soldier of the caliphate, which killed dozens of crusaders who were attending a majen [libertine, shameless] concert in London [sic; means Manchester].

Al-Naba continues:

The attack on London was not the only one witnessed against the crusader states this week. An Islamic State soldier attacked a group of crusaders in the Australian city of Melbourne on Monday, 10 Ramadan, killing and injuring several of them.

The caliphate soldier managed to kill one of the crusaders and then the clash with the police, wounding three of them, before he was killed [as] a martyr, as such we deem him.

It should be noted that the caliphate soldiers have already launched bloody attacks on the crusaders in Britain, America, France, Belgium, Germany, Russia, and other crusader countries, and dozens of them were killed and wounded, thanks be to God.

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