Al-Qaeda Responds to Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Move

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 6 December 2017

Responding to President Donald Trump’s announcement earlier today that he will move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, al-Qaeda have put out a statement that threatens retaliatory strikes against U.S. interests. Notably, al-Qaeda singles out Saudi Arabia as a government that has to be attacked for enabling Western operations against the jihadists. The statement is reproduced below.

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The General Leadership of Al-Qaeda

“Hatred has been revealed from their tongues, and what their hearts conceal is much worse”.

“I swear by Allah, America and those who live in America shall never even dream of peace until we experience it as a reality in Palestine.”

It is the oath of the martyr of the umma [Islamic nation or community] who paved the way for a momentous stage in the umma’s history; a stage in which it became obvious that the head of international disbelief, that is leading the war against Islam and the Muslims, violating their sanctities, plundering their wealth, and supporting the Zionists and the Arab tyrants, is none other than America. With every passing day, the developments that unfold only increase out conviction in this reality.

The recognition of al-Quds [Jerusalem] as the capital of the Zionist entity is a blatant aggression by the Crusader Trump against the sanctities of the Muslims—a high-voltage shock for the Muslim umma, which may perhaps awaken it from its slumber. If we fail to act—today rather than tomorrow—this aggression will be followed by further resolutions, conferences, and agreements threatening our very existence as a Muslim umma and subjugating completely our Muslim world to the Zionist-Crusader alliance and its Rafidi [Shi’a, i.e. Iranian] and apostate Arab allies in the East. In the name of combatting terrorism and extremism, our masses will be completely detached from their religious identity and beliefs.

The surest and shortest way to confront the aggression and arrogance of the Pharaoh of the age—America—is jihad in the way of Allah, by targeting its vital interests and the interests of its Zionist and Crusader allies everywhere. This is a simple equation: just as you kill us, you shall be killed; just as you bomb us, you too shall be bombed; and the one who initiates hostilities shoulders the blame.

The umma must recognise the fact that the Zionist-Crusader alliance would never have mustered the courage to ridicule Muslims so arrogantly had it not secured itself first by ensuring the complete submission of the puppet regimes—specifically the government of the Family of Saud, who are responsible for paving the way to this crime. They would never have been able to challenge the Muslims had they not ensured in the first place that their agents—the so-called Arab and Islamic armies—had imposed themselves and established complete hegemony over the umma and extinguished with an iron fist the flames of [religious] emotion and zeal.

The Islamic umma, the Muslim youth, the mujahideen of the umma! Your time has come. So let Allah see from you what pleases Him. Set out, light or heavy, for the battlefields of jihad, and prepare to give them the utmost of your strength. Unite your ranks, coordinate your efforts, forget your disagreements, repent to your Lord, and seek forgiveness for your sins. Those who are at the fronts must continue their jihad and proclaim emphatically: “Here we begin, and in Aqsa we shall meet”. Declare a war with no respite against the nations of disbelief that have gathered against you from every corner [of the earth]. Concentrate your efforts against the head of disbelief, get it mired in its own troubles, intensify your strikes against it until it refrains from its aggression, for its end is near, and victory is at times merely an hour’s worth of patience.

To conclude, a call to the heirs of the legacy of the Messenger and the Prophets, Muslim scholars and callers of Islam: Take a firm stand for the sake of Allah, a stand which will bring honour to His religion; raise the flag of tawhid [monotheism] high, humiliate disbelief and bring down its banner. Lead the ranks, pick up your weapons, defend yourselves with trenches, and lead the mujahideen with the Book that guides and a sword that paves the way to victory. Persevere until victory or martyrdom.

O Allah, help your mujahid slaves, unite their ranks, alleviate their weakness, and support them with Your assistance. O Allah, take revenge against the disbelievers and their allies. O Allah, humiliate them, break their strength, disperse their ranks, and protect us from their evil with what you seem fit. Ameen, O Lord of the Worlds.

[Poetry] As for me, the wound of al-Quds / Still hurts me much / The pain of the injury is like fire / Burns inside my body / I do not betray my oath to Allah / When the states did betray

18 Rabi al-Awwal 1439 [6 December 2017]

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