Al-Qaeda Attacks The Legitimacy of the Saudi Regime

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 18 January 2018

The son of al-Qaeda’s founder, Hamza Usama bin Ladin, released a short, twelve-minute speech earlier today, the fourth episode of “Sovereignty of the Best of Nations Is In the Uprising of the People of the Haram”. Hamza root-and-branch condemns the legitimacy of the Saudi monarchy as founded on a pact with a disbelieving state, Britain. An English translation of the speech was released by al-Qaeda’s as-Sahab Media and is reproduced below.

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Praise be to Allah the Gracious who bestowed his grace upon us internally and phenomenally, the Dear one who has been subjected to the glory of the necks of the mighty, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone and there is no partner ascribed to Him, a testimony in which we hope to survive in the afterlife, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His prophet, prayers and peace be upon him and his family and his companions, thereafter:

To our people in the land of the Two Holy Mosques and to all our Muslim brothers.

Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you

We were reminded in the previous episode of the loyalty of [the founder of the Saudi Kingdom] Ibn Saud to the Crusaders, and his resorting to fighting the Muslims, and his hostility to the Ottomans, and his assault upon them, and his violation of his allegiance and the agreement he made with them, while holding to his agreement with the English. It was made clear that Ibn Saud did not stop with these previous betrayals, and continued with the intention to document it in the history books which do not favour anyone, and recorded for himself not knowing a black history, and began concluding agreements of al-Uqair. Do you know what the agreements of al Uqair are? Agreements loyal to the disbelievers, which absolve the believers [of their duty to religion], and submitt the country to the Crusaders, to indirectly officially occupy it.

Here is a sample of the agreements for you:

The first agreement was in 1332 Hijri, corresponding to 1914 [CE], when Abdulaziz agreed on providing Britain with all possible assistance against the Ottomans, and Britain promised from its side to protect Abdulaziz and prevent aggression upon him from any side.

As for the second agreement, it is the Darayn Convention, and the sale of the country to the Crusaders, which was on the 18th of the month of Safar in 1334 H, corresponding to 26 December of the year 1915 [CE]. The British delegation was headed by Percy Cox in the Gulf, accompanied by Jon Philby. And the as Saudi delegation was headed by Ibn Saud himself.

The Convention confirmed in its preamble the desire of both parties to consolidate and strengthen the long-standing ties between them in order to strengthen their interests.

Let us consider the most important things from the Convention:

1) The British government recognizes and acknowledges the regions which Ibn Saud controls, and Ibn Saud is “an independent ruler over it, and the absolute chief of its tribes, and its sons and successors shall inherit from him, if his successor is nominated by him and by the ruler after him and that the candidate ruler is not in opposition to the British government in any way, especially regarding to the terms of this treaty.”

In a clearer meaning, Britain must be pleased with this ruler. Meanwhile, Allah, glorified and exalted is He, says: “Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you until you follow their religion” [al-Baqarah (2): 120].

2) If an attack occurred by one of the foreign countries against the territory belonging to Ibn Saud and his allies, without the review of the British government, the British government will cooperate with Ibn Saud [to defend his state].

This is the resorting to the use of polytheists against the Muslims, because the first aim of this agreement is to counter the Ottoman State and its allies.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab, may Allah have mercy on him, said in the ten nullifiers of Islam: “Eighth: the appearance of the polytheists and their aid to the Muslims, and evidence of His the exalted saying: ‘And if any amongst you takes them as auliya (allies), then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers)’ [al Ma’idah (5): 51].”

3) Ibn Saud agrees to refrain from entering into any communication or agreement with any other foreign nation or state, further to that he should inform instantly the political rulers from the British government regarding all attempts by any other state trying to interfere in the territories which are under the authority of Ibn Saud.

And here, Ibn Saud ended his loyalty to the Islamic umma [community], which is outside his borders, and made himself a representative of the Crusaders, and their eyes.

Meanwhile Allah, glorified and exalted is He, says: “The believers, men and women, are auliya of one another” [at-Tawbah (9): 71].

And the prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, says: “Closer to faith: loyalty in Allah and hostility in Allah and love in Allah and hatred in Allah Almighty.”

4) Ibn Saud promised not to surrender or sell or mortgage, or rent territories under his authority, and not to divide it, and to not to relinquish it in any way, and not to allow a concession in these territories to a foreign state or to nationals of a foreign state, without the consent of the British government, and to always follow its consultation without exception on the condition that it is not unfair to its own special interests.

Therefore, Ibn Saud surrendered the country to the enemies on a golden platter, and added such language to the agreement. In effect, the regions under the control of Ibn Saud were the property of the British government, which could do what it wanted in them, provided that Ibn Saud is the British representative and the ruler of it.

Both parties quickly reached this agreement, and Ibn Saud officially announced his standing by the side of England, and promised categorically not to attack its allies, and not to help its enemies. And from the other side, England promised this country would not be returning to the discussion [of ownership] after the splitting of the Ottoman State. Abdulaziz and Sama were allowed, and for the signing of the treaty received 1000 rifles, and 20,000 Australian pounds. Also, Britain promised to pay it [the Saudi government] a monthly stipend of 5,000 Australian gold pounds, and a regular shipment of machine guns and rifles.

This is the case of Ibn Saud, the first founder, and the first grandfather for the Third Saudi State. And see—may Allah have mercy on you—how Ibn Saud made himself an obedient representative to the British colonial power, and an agent for them, and gave up all which could be given up, in exchange for receiving money and weapons from it, to fight with the allies of the Ottomans.

Is it right, after all this, to be a model for the Islamic umma?

The relations between Cox and Ibn Saud continued until the time came to sign the third al-Uqair agreement in the Uqair port in Rabi al-Thani of the year 1341 Hijri, corresponding to 2 December 1922. Ibn Saud had expressed on more than one occasion the nature of the relationship which he had with Cox. He said when arriving late at the Uqair port: “We would not have slowed down in the return if the high representative was not our friend. He loves Sir Percy Cox and respects him.”

So: Britain was pleased with Ibn Saud, when he revealed to it the love which was in his heart for it, and ended his loyalty to the Muslims as a sacrifice to prove his sincerity. Crusading Britain appeared and helped it against Muslims, and appointed its eyes upon them, and was rewarded with huge aid to fight them.

And after the mentioned Darayn agreement, Ibn Saud continued to expand in the rest of the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, and the British support was one of the main factors which enabled Ibn Saud to extend his control on most parts of the country, and made him outperform his other Emir peers in the other regions, in addition to the other main internal factor, it had a prominent role in expanding the influence of Abdulaziz, where he contributed greatly in the battles of Ibn Saud and his victories.

And this is what we will deal with in the next episode with the help of Allah.

Our Lord, forgive us for our sins and our extravagance in our matter, and establish our feet and grant us victory against the disbelievers.

Lord do not make fitna for us … and rescue us with your mercy from the disbelievers

And our final prayer is praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.

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