Al-Qaeda Calls for the War Against America to Remain Holy

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 23 March 2018

Devastation at the World Trade Centre, 11 September 2001 | NYPD / GREG SEMENDINGER

Al-Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, gave a speech on 20 March 2018, “America is the First Enemy of the Muslims”. An English transcript of al-Zawahiri’s speech was released by As-Sahab Media and is reproduced below.

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In the name of Allah and praise be to Allah and prayer and peace be upon the messenger of Allah and upon his family and his companions and those who follow him

Oh Muslim brothers everywhere, may Allah’s peace and mercy and blessings be upon you.


Trump’s blatant crusader behaviors revealed the true face of America, and the true psychological for a majority of the American people toward Muslims.

It revealed deception, which many of those near America practice, and the fatwas that it has the right to fight Muslims in Afghanistan, and that terrorists do not represent real Muslims.

The actions of that stupid crusader revealed the failure of all the policies of retreat and begging, and submission to what they called international legitimacy and international law.

And it revealed the disappointment of the sellers of Palestine, who turned into employees of the Israeli security.

And it revealed a failure of those who fear that America would classify it on its terrorist list.

And it revealed a political failure of the policy of adhering to agreements of surrender with Israel, and military and security cooperation with America.

It revealed the failure of the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations.

It revealed the extent of the incompetence and weakness of the agents of America and its Muslim ruler agents, and they are humiliated to give them any consideration, and who relies on their support and their money and their guidance, but going toward the abyss, if not settled in it.

The policies of America and its cheating crusader leader—without a doubt—clarified that the effective way in confronting its aggression is via the way of da’wah and jihad.

And it is a path which Sheikh Usamah bin Ladin, may Allah have mercy on him—sought to tell his umma [Islamic community or nation] in word and in deed.

He had repeatedly and continually assured (the umma) that its first enemy is America, and that it is the Hubal of the era and the head of the snake, and that the hostility between it and between Muslims is a religious hostility at its core, between the crusader material secular West, and between the umma of Muhammad, may Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him. And that was explained in his words and his meetings and his statements and his correspondence.

Then he was not satisfied with that, but he actually undertook setting a practical example for his umma, and clarified for it that striking America was possible, for those who put trust in his Lord, then he stuck to his determination, and exhausted his effort.

His brothers struck the Americans in Aden then in Somalia then in Nairobi and Dar as Salaam then in Aden again with an attack on the Cole destroyer, then came the greatest conquest in the American homeland.

He – may Allah have mercy on him—undertook all of that and he and his brothers with little capabilities, about zero compared side by side with the Americans’ capabilities, but—as we consider them but do not vouch for them to Allah—trusting in Allah, then with determination and resolution the mountain did not go away or disappear, and the firm mountains shook but did not shake, and lofty peaks shivered but did not budge.

He and his brothers—may Allah have mercy on their martyrs and free them from captivity, set an example, and clarified the path, and showed the way, and may Allah reward them with goodness for Islam and the Muslims.

America sought to distort their image ever way it can, and alienate people from the facts as they described it, with all they can, and compete in it, everyone who is afraid of it or desire, with what they have.

Then in the end the ranting crusader nation and its ranting crusader country was flipped out those deceiving scammers of all things, upside down, and clarified for them that their war with Muslims is a religious war, a war between the distorted Torah, which the ignorant crusader and its foolish crusader country claims that it was granted what is between the Euphrates and the Nile to the Jews, and between the Quran which confirms the land of Allah is inherited from the will of His slaves, and that the umma of Muhammad—may Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him—is the umma of the final heir of what preceded it.

Thus, the backward crusader and its fraudulent and foolish nation revealed the nature of the doctrinal and religious battle, the battle between the distorted books and the preserved brought-down.

So, oh our Muslim umma, this is a moment of the moments of truth, which I hope to wake up all who are deceived by his deception, and all who are delusional by his delusions, and return every hasty profit, or excluded, or trembling from the oppression of America, to the path of jihad and da’wah, not rushed and not excluded.

America will not retreat from its oppression and its injustice and its aggression before international legitimacy, which it created and financed, nor before the ruling agents, whom it installed and supported, nor before those who fear their power and its classifications.

Only jihad for the sake of Allah will make it retreat, with weapons and grinding and authority and da’wah and declaration, and giving, and trust and remaining steadfast on the doctrines of Islam and implementing Shariah.

The mujahideen will defeat America—Allah permitting—for the sake of Allah, and the scholars working and the sincere makers of dua’ and the united umma under the banner of Tawhid.

Here is our Muslim umma so let us fight America everywhere as they transgress against us everywhere, let us unite in confronting it, and do not divide, and come together and not split up, and unite and not divide.

Oh mujahideen everywhere, strive in defence of your Muslim umma everywhere, and carry its grievance, and gather together and unite and cooperate, and do not become divided and split up and disagree, be one rank, as your Lord said: (Allah loves those who fight for His sake as if they were one solid structure.) for every mujahid to carry the concern of his brothers everywhere, and to support the Indian and the Maghrebi, and the Syrian and the Afghani, and the Egyptian and the Chechen, be slaves of Allah brothers.

Oh you callers for separation, who America pays them, and who follows its policy, even if it appeared in the form of a compassionate or sympathetic financier.

We are one umma, we know no borders, which the invader occupier imposed, and no barbed wire or checkpoints, which the disbelieving aggressor imposed, and no maps which the apostate tyrant drew.

Oh mujahideen, know that your greatest weapon is sticking to the doctrine, and to be obedient, and sincere and loyal and steadfast on the path of jihad.

Be steadfast, and do not budge, and do not retreat, Allah will grant a conquest for you just as he granted a conquest upon you before, and you and the sins, and the sacred blood and the sanctities of the Muslims and the treachery and the lies and the injustice, so as not to compromise, the Almighty, glorified is He, says: (Oh you who believe if you support Allah then Allah will support you and firmly plant your feet.) And you oh working scholars, have established a sincere nation, and clarified for the umma the individual obligation in defending against the transgressing invader and the apostate tyrant, and taught that implementing Shariah is the corner of the pillars of Tawhid, not completed except by it, and the Almighty, glorified is he, said: (But no, by your Lord they will not believe until they make you, judge concerning that regarding which they disagree among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submitted in full submission.) and they showed it the obligation of unity, and that the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, and that the house of the Muslim are in the homes of the same town, and that each Muslim is forbidden from a Muslim’s blood and money, and that the goal of our jihad is the restoration of the rightly guided Caliphate, which is based on the Shura, as the Almighty, glorified is He, said in describing his worshippers: (And He ordered a Shura among them). And you are the leaders and the people of opinion and the leaders and the merchants and the people of the umma, who have come to a united work we face against our united enemy against us.

It will not benefit us to resort to the Shariah of the greatest criminals, nor to the governments of treason and theft, nor to the sellers of Palestine, nor to the elections of secular constitutions.

There is no way except to struggle as a united umma against a united enemy against us, the Almighty, glorified is He, said (and fight the polytheists entirely just as they fight you entirely).

My Muslim umma, the beggars will try to portray the issue of hostility with America as the cause of East Jerusalem as the capital of the secular state of Palestine, and this is an aberration and humiliation, Jerusalem, its East and its West, is ours, and Haifa and Aka and Yafa and all of Palestine is ours, and Grozny and Manilla and al Andalus is ours, all of these are usurped lands of Muslims, and we will not give up on them with the aid of Allah and His strength.

Verily, we struggle to defend Damascus as we defend Kabul, and we defend Kabul as we defend Grozny, and we defend Grozny as we defend Kashgar, and the rest of the Muslim lands, so let us free them from the corrupt apostate and occupying invaders.

Therefore, our message is very brief to our umma: undertake jihad against America, the head of the snake and the Hubal of the era, undertake it for the glory of this world and the victory of the Hereafter, rise to a paradise that displays the heaves and the Earth.

And our last prayer is praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, and may Allah’s prayer be upon our master Muhammad and upon his family and his companions. And may Allah’s peace and mercy and blessings be upon you.

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