Islamic State Reacts to Western Strikes on the Syrian Regime

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 21 April 2018

Al-Naba 128, page 11

The 128th edition of Al-Naba, the Islamic State’s (IS) weekly newsletter, released on 20 April, contained in its concluding, “Events of the Week” section, the organisation’s reaction to the 14 April military strikes by America, Britain, and France against the Bashar al-Asad regime for its use of poison gas in Duma. This short comment is reproduced below.

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Assurances from the Crusaders to the Taghut al-Nusayriyya [Alawi Tyrant][1] After the Attack on Him

The French taghut, Emmanuel Macron, assured the Nusayri taghut, Bashar al-Asad, that their attacks are not aimed at ousting him from power, and his Prime Minister declared that the enemy of France is the Islamic state, not al-nizam al-Nusayri [the Nusayri/Alawi regime or Alawi system].[2]

Several French media outlets have addressed these statements from the taghut Macron, including saying about the airstrikes launched by his aircraft, in addition to those from American and British aircraft, that, “It is not a declaration of war against the regime”. He also quoted his Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, as saying that “There is no intention to overthrow the Syrian regime”, declaring at the same time that “the enemy of France is the Islamic State and not Damascus”, in reference to the Nusayri regime, which takes Damascus as the capital its administration.

These statements came after air and missile strikes launched last Saturday by America, Britain, and France on military and research sites of the Nusayri regime, as punishment for the use of chemical weapons during the bombing of the city of Duma, according to the allegations of the leaders of the crusader states participating in the attack.

More than 100 rockets were used in the attack, launched from warships and submarines in the Mediterranean and Red Sea, and from warplanes, which attacked targets that were said to be involved in the production and storage of chemical weapons belonging to the Nusayri. Russia announced that the Nusayri army was able to shoot down more than 70 missiles fired against its sites using air defenses, while U.S. sources denied these reports, which some experts in the field say could not be achieved by [Asad’s] air defences.

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[1] Taghut is often translated as “tyrant” for ease because it does mean to convey the illegitimacy of a ruler, but the reason for the illegitimacy, in Islamist terminology, of all the present governments in Islamdom is that they do not rule according to (their interpretation of) shari’a alone. By mixing in man-made laws to the legal code, these rulers are held to have set up partners to God, which is shirk [idolatry or polytheism], a grave sin and one the jihadists says puts the rulers outside the bounds of the faith, licensing their blood.

[2] French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe was at pains after the strikes, when explaining their purpose to Parliament on 16 April 2018, to say that there would be no escalation into an all-out confrontation with the regime, with the focus remaining on IS: “We did not go to war against … the regime of Bashar al-Asad; our enemy is Daesh”.

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