Al-Qaeda Attacks the Saudi Government’s Relationship With America

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 4 December 2018

Al-Qaeda released a document on 23 October, “The Love Story Between Salman al-Saud and the Pirate Trump: A Reading of the Symptoms of Begging and the Significance of Wrong and Extortion”,[1] by Shaykh Awab Bin Hasan al-Hasni. Al-Qaeda’s Al-Sahab Foundation released an English translation of Al-Hasani’s essay on 26 November, which is reprinted below with some interesting sections highlighted in bold.

The article is, unintentionally, rather amusing. There is something surreal in Al-Qaeda discussing the Mueller probe and “Russia-gate”—declaring, as certain apparently-serious American commentators have, that any day now the President of the United States could be unmasked as a long-term Russian agent. Some of the linguistic barbs against Donald Trump, and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, bite because they are so obviously true. There is a seriousness to the essay, however, on at least three points.

First, Saudi Arabia. Al-Qaeda has made clear over and over and over again that it considers the House of Saud one of its primary foes. Presenting the Saudi monarchy as an illegitimate regime that survives only because of its American puppeteers, who protect the regime from its own people as much as from external threats, Al-Qaeda has taken Trump’s public outbursts demanding that Riyadh pay more for the security guarantee America provides, lest it fall in short order, as ratification. Here, says Al-Qaeda (and the Islamic State), is proof of what we have said all along. Al-Hasni echoes this point, and adds that the killing of Jamal Khashoggi shows that Islamists who do not take up violence are allowing themselves to be easy prey. This narrative has gained some traction already from the coup d’état in Egypt in 2013.

Second, Afghanistan. The American-led war effort is effectively lost: the insurgency is gaining ground rapidly and the government in Kabul is decomposing, physically and politically. Even the most optimistic in the U.S. government do not believe victory is possible. Indeed, the lack of consensus, despite nearly two decades of warfare, over the strategic objectives makes defining victory near-impossible. Still, withdrawal seems likely to make matters worse. In times past this would have been considered a mission of imperial management at the periphery; in this more impatient age politicians must have “solutions”, at least conceptually. On these terms, the West is trapped: expending men and money in a forever war that can’t be won and can’t be abandoned. Al-Hasni is acutely aware of this dilemma and very pleased about it.

Third, American retreat. Al-Hasni sees clearly how the American pull-back in the Middle East has triggered infighting among America’s own allies and a steady march to Moscow as these governments seek accommodation in an order where Russia and Iran are filling the vacuum left by the Americans. The U.S. inability to treat Syria as a strategic concern, presenting it instead solely in humanitarian terms, and the precipice we are now on with Israel and Iran sliding towards war in the Levant because of what America allowed to transpire, is also set out in terms that are, allowances made for rhetorical excess, basically correct.

*              *              *

The extortionist usurer “Donald Trump” is hard at work on his continuing series of extortions and humiliation of the sham ruler of the Saudi regime “Salman Bin Abd al Aziz al-Saud”. In only one week “Trump” repeated his begging and extortion of “Salman al-Saud” five times, without any consideration for diplomatic and political customs usually considered in politics, in a clear expression of what the United States thinks of the social values and political status of the countries of slavery in its new world order.

Those who know don’t doubt that the pirate “Trump” is a skilled opportunist and a shameless extortionist and beggar. He is a master of the art of lashing and torturing slaves without any mercy or compassion. Just like his ancestors who used to deal “the native Americans” the worst torture and humiliation. He does not observe any ties of kinship if he has the upper hand, nor does he care about the political humiliation and control of the Saudi regime; something that has incited compassion among the Saudis’ opponents and adversaries before their supporters.

Back then a friend told me “even though I am an opponent of the Saud family but honestly I felt pity for them because of the pelting they got by the Christians and Mr. Yellow ‘Trump’.” I told him then: “Blame is on Salman. I wish he wouldn’t let them use him.”

That night my friend talked to me about the symptoms of Trump’s repeated humiliation and urged me to write an essay about those symptoms and what psychological treatment they encompass of the persona of the pirate “Trump,” and the silence of his Al-Saud slaves regarding the extortion of their obeyed guardian “Trump”. A few minutes into the discussion with my friend I get news of a firm and reverberating response from the Saudi Crown Prince who was on the receiving end of “Trump’s” torture, Muhammad Bin Salman, the spoiled boy and the addicted lover of video games and PlayStation as “Michael Wolff” says in his book “Fire and Fury”.

The Saudi boy’s response came during his interview with “Bloomberg,” contrary to what the educated elite, which thinks highly of him and of the broken-down regime, expected. Some thought, wrongly, that expelling the American Ambassador and severing diplomatic relations with America would elevate their status. But the surprise to them was that the response was worthy of the pampered boy in line with the saying that one is happy simply to be thought of irrespective of the harm. The response of “the Saudi boy” was far from the proud Arab traditions of championing their ancestors when attacked. For he said in the interview: “I love working with Trump and one must accept praise and criticism from friends”.[2] The boy forgot that the slap his father received in front of the entire world is not merely a criticism or a slander. Rather it is a defeat by a Christian to him and to his father asking him to pay a tax. For he said: “You must pay. Oh Salman you will not be able to protect your airplanes and you won’t last two weeks without our protection”!!

It is like the poet Abu Nawas who said humiliation and slavery are acceptable when in love.

One of the biggest symptoms of “Trump’s” begging and his repeated extortions “is the unprompted retreat of American economic and military domination” throughout the world. For the conceited does not extend a hand or cry until he is overcome with hunger and pain. The hastening of American measures toward isolating “the countries of slavery” have agitated the fear of the “slaves” and the sudden tremor: for the policy of the “deranged” is very confusing and contradictory, causing him to lose friends and allies, as well as slaves, and opens doors to competitors to fill the gap and ignite more battles. “Mahathir Muhammad” was right when he said: “How can you trust a man who changes his mind three times in a day?”.

Let us not forget that some of the bigger factors that necessitated the retreat of the United States are the economic, political and social predicaments that befell her as a result of her long war with the Muslim umma [community or nation] and its jihadi vanguard in Afghanistan as well as other “armed Islamic transformative and awakening” movements in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, the Islamic Maghreb, Niger and other countries involved in the Islamic-American conflict. America became involved in an unenvious quagmire of a conflict. Should it keep its disgraceful forces in Afghanistan or stick its head in the sand and withdraw? The sweeter of either bitter options is a “deadly colocynth”[3] circulating between a series of enormous human and financial losses or a disgraceful and shameful withdrawal crowned with defeatism.

The American journalist “Bob Woodward” made that very clear in his book “Obama’s Wars” and demonstrated the degree of anxiety, discomfort and chaos of American politicians in dealing with the “war on the Islamic umma and its proud vanguards,” as well as hesitancy, concern and confusion among the elite political, military and civil circles and the deep gaps and disagreement in managing this great predicament experienced by American institutions. Bob Woodward had said: “‘Obama’ ended one of his meetings with military and intelligence leaders saying: ‘We have realized that we will not completely defeat the Taliban. This is something we all agreed on’.” What is more amazing is what “Bob” reported on what many American politicians have said about the administrative and organizational superiority of the Islamic umma and its jihadi vanguard in managing the conflict. He even reported that someone said: “War is more about how to manage power than having power”.

The war has been going on for more than seventeen years during which the United States spent more than four trillion dollars to stop the advance of the Islamic umma’s vanguards, represented by the Islamic Emirate and the brigades pledging allegiance to it which have offered more than ten thousand dead or wounded. And now the puppet government of “Ashraf Ghani” and his American masters whose military convoys are unable to go past “Kabul’s” border without being punished by Taliban in an “Al-Qaeda” style. Additionally, the rest of the Afghani map, by Allah’s grace, is under the control of forces of the Islamic Emirate, may Allah glorify it.

The astonishment is that after all these years they are still searching and debating the main goals of the war in Afghanistan as “Bob Woodward” says.

Therefore, we are not surprised when the American national security advisor “Jones,” trying to escape the failure and defeat of the war states: “Our goal is not to defeat Taliban and Al-Qaeda or to finish them off. This is a consensus among the intelligence and military leaders”. “Gates” “suggests using the word ‘weakening’ Taliban instead of ‘defeating’ Taliban”. He added: “Because defeating the Taliban is impossible”. This is what “Robert Gates,” the American Defense Secretary, clearly and simply says to his president. “Leon Panetta” the head of the Central Intelligence Agency agrees with Robert Gates.

Therefore no one in “the White House” and “the Pentagon” is talking about eliminating the “Taliban and Al-Qaeda”. Everyone has implicitly admitted that they have to deal with this reality.

“Jones” has realized the bitter truth that “Bush the son” had concealed and that is that the conflict with the “Taliban and Al-Qaeda” is a deep conflict because it is not a conflict or a war on “terrorism”. In truth it is a “conflict of civilizations and religions” with the Islamic umma at large as stated by the deceased orientalist “Leonard [sic] Lewis” and “Huntington” before him.[4] That is why “Jones” stated, after he realized the origin of the war, that: “If America fails in Afghanistan then western organizations such as NATO, the European Union and the United Nations will be tossed in the trash bin of history”. This is in essence in agreement with the divine promise to the believers by Allah Almighty: “Our soldiers are victorious”.

Former commander of the American forces “David Petraeus” realized “that this war is the type of fighting that will keep going for the life of America”. For this reason, he summarized for us the debacle of the Afghan swamp as such: “Increasing the number of forces is no guarantee for success in Afghanistan, while not increasing the numbers will definitely mean the loss of the war. The ‘Taliban’ will take over speedily as soon as the Americans withdraw”.

Ever since the American public opinion started to demand the withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq and to retract into isolation beyond the ocean and to concentrate on problems within America, every elected American President started to promise his people to achieve this goal, “the strategically important” goal, as they claim.

Through researching and looking into American history we conclude that after each direct outside intervention they follow up with years of isolation and they concentrate on their internal policies along their renewed crisis. This became evident post WWII and post the Vietnam War. We find this clear and explained after the fate of her war with the umma of Islam and her mujahideen vanguard. Nowadays these politicians are asking whom the call “terrorists” for a dialogue. Sitting at the negotiation table these days has become a real obligation to those who were blinded by their narrow-minded political arrogance and insolence to manage the international fight against what they call “terrorism”. Concessions that were forbidden to the “terrorists” have become the solution to some of their prominent politicians, even “Jonathan Paul” one of the more considered consultants to the infidel “Tony Blair” said in his book, “The dialogue with armed groups is the path to end conflicts in the world.” The book was introduced to, “The victims of terrorism who are hoping to see fewer victims in the future that is if the politicians learned from the lessons of the past,” as “Jonathan” said in the first page of the introduction to his book. “Jonathan said in a cohesive speech: “Regarding terrorism, the governments suffer from a collective memory deprivation, for all the historical auditions tell us that there is no definite military solution to a political problem”.

The British writer called upon the stupid politicians to benefit from the lessons of history, in particular the Afghan Trial. He expressed his utter belief about the validity of the path of negotiations. Something else that he said: “Some governments may succeed in crushing the armed people by using brute force, but this will not resolve the strife, it will only postpone it”. The present American military withdrawal from Syria declares a destructive war between the Jews and their Muslim enemies, because the continued presence of the armed Islamic movements is a strategic threat to “Israel” the ally of America. “Trump’s” decision to put into effect, “The Deal of the Century” and the transfer of his embassy to Jerusalem declaring it the capital of Israel has shown the reality of the role of the so-called mediator in the struggle between Islam and Zionism. He placed all his allies and their lackeys in a big made up critical position to refrain from being goaded into her role, and a big threat to shake up the tranquility of the countries of “bondswomen and slaves” and their so-called legitimacy.

As we see today, America is suffering from big isolation and withdrawal, and distrust of its policies, and its ability to pinpoint clear charted political agendas. This has prompted her allies and slaves to stray away from the presumed role of international leadership. We have witnessed how the head of the Council of the European Union call upon the European governments to rely on themselves and to set aside the subjugation to the American arrogance, while others called for alternate substitutions for the military and security of “NATO”.

We also notice that the American foreign policy barely mentions “Syria” these days as they used to mention her only yesterday. The American foreign policy onlookers don’t see in Syria other than a humanitarian impasse that asks nothing of her other than humanitarian aid. Not only that, but the demented Trump uttered some words that lead to mockery when he declared that he learned about Idlib from a lady in a public meeting and said what goes on in Syria will be happening soon in all the Arab and the Islamic countries, which for sure will be met with the rise of international and regional powers who aspire to plunge into becoming the masters of decision making in the area. That’s why you notice the speedy rejectionist movements of Russia and Iran throughout the governments of the “Arab Spring” as they call it.

Therefore the mujahideen have to strive and have to be diligent and patient because what they see are the symptoms of the large American retreat and must find a strategic opportunity to carry out their role by fulfilling what Allah wills toward His enemies, and to prepare for the stage of Allah’s inheritance, and to carry on with the burden of jihad and to lead the umma to its glory and to its promised victory for it is sufficient to rely upon Allah.

The mujahideen must boost their optimism for success. They must know that the American wars are not everlasting and that the political setbacks, the diplomatic and the speedy American isolation that is occurring right now is the beginning of the inevitable American military withdrawal which is on its way. This is a policy that they follow and that they will use in the coming stage because of their dire need for it. This is what history has taught us, the symptoms of isolation and withdrawal have become clear and evident. The American government has decided to deploy it since the Obama era. Symptoms of the setbacks began to appear when the first signs of failures of the revolutions, “The Arab Springs” and the breakup of Uncle Sam’s collar of “bondswomen and slaves”, until the role of the “neoconservatives” [was replaced] with the leadership of the demented “Trump”, as is described by his fired aid “Omarosa Newman,” who herself was described by the bandit as “the mad dog”.[5]

The viewer and the analyst have no doubt that America is retreating with gradual acceleration. This is confirmed by the accomplishments of the Qaddafi of America, “Trump,” by withdrawing from many of the International Accords from the time he won the nomination for the presidency—especially the matters dealing with the military, the economy, and the environment.

Because of the gradual retreat of the American domination in the area there will be dispersal, confusion, dismay, and division, and political dismay for the governments of bondswomen and slaves as is happening in some of the governments of bondswomen like, “Qatar”, “Saudi Arabia” and “Turkey”. For that we have seen yesterday like we will see tomorrow the escape and run away from of the bondswomen from the American atmosphere to that of the Russian camp by starting relationships, deals, military and commercial treaties. Then we will see regional changes that will end with the fall of “the governments of bondswomen,” or will end up with the new advancing Islamic forces in possession [of these governments].

We should not forget that America has lost a lot in its economic relations with its allies. For example, America lost in its commercial balance with South Korea fifteen billion dollars because of the cost of support and military protection as Bob Woodard says in his new book, “Fear”.

Today the American Supreme Court is planning to issue an order to confiscate the Saudi funds in the American banks to compensate victims of the events of 11 September in accordance with the “JASTA” law [Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act]. This is after Al-Saud’s pampered kid Muhammad Bin Salman declared that he’ll pay nothing for his father’s security.

The fact that the mujahideen must notice is that: Saudi Arabia pays the protection fee, willingly or unwillingly, in a way that is demeaning in return for the America’s protection for her. First of all this protection is from the mujahideen and from its “proud people” that want a broad and thorough change, not only protection from Iran as the demented “Trump” declared when he said, “We are protecting Saudi Arabia from Iran, if it wasn’t for us Iran would take the whole region in twelve minutes … ”[6]

One of “Trump’s” significant threats was to lift the protection from the “Saudis”: this was a flagrant declaration of a threat from the Western imperialists that was for too long ignored by the governments of the “bondswomen” which is: The armed Islamic movement is able to resolve the struggle against “the governments” of the Christian Protectorates in only two weeks. At that time, we would see what we saw a few years ago, during the Arab revolutions that swarmed the area in two weeks. How America used to point out to her slaves in her political declarations with the followings: “Even though we can see, we can’t do anything so go ahead and take care of your business”. On that day, it was clear to all the Qur’an—the honest truth—is that most people did not pay attention to: It is the rule of the spider’s web and the power of flies where the Almighty says: “The petitioner and the petitioned are both feeble”. In reality, America is very weak in facing the Islamic Nations. In fact, “Trump” himself is the one that needs protection from the “Mueller Committee” and from “the media” which is hostile, and the rights associations that chase and detests him for his unlimited lunacy and craziness. The coming days may uncover for us that the tough master, “milker of the bondswomen and subduer of the slaves”, Donald Trump, has himself been under the command and the protection of the Russian intelligence systems since the year “2012” for economic reasons and lewdness with women. May Allah help us.

Finally, just as we called upon the people of jihad to carry out their duties for which they have risen, we also call upon those opposed to the governments of “the slaves” not to count a lot on the secular governments that rotate in the “NATO” sphere and its likes. We also ask them to revert to Allah, may he be exalted, and to cling to their faith and to be proud of it, and to count on their Islamic people who are the foundation of the umma throughout the ages. And to consider what happened lately with some of the opposition who armed themselves with only the peaceful pen and forgot the iron and the sword. Tyranny has no faith and no limitations. There is no remedy for despotism and tyranny other than the heat of the sword. The inexperienced is the one who confronts the savagery of tyranny with only an isolated pen and keeps walking obediently and suicidal to the dens of treachery, the homes of deceit and the factories of betrayal, the Embassies of Al-Saud”.[7]

We also warn and alert “governments of bondswomen and slaves” that flourished much under the Western political umbrella, and were for long delighted with the American safety and military protection, we warn that the time has neared for the end of what they enjoyed earlier. Let them know this before the sulky face of the warning confronts them. Their American master will soon retract to care for his outside crises and internal conflicts. Let them know that America of this day is not that of yesterday, and that falling in the arms of the “Qaddafi of America” has become embarrassing for him and for his deep rooted government that has lost the will power, the might and the ability of its military and economy to continue with the defense treaties and protecting them while in this unexpected situation concerning its culture, economy and the military. Let them search for new masters who don’t reach out with hand to hand and a place to set foot in a new advancing world, or else let them be proud with Islam, because they will not find honor and sovereignty without Islam and its people. It is better for one to be the shepherd of the Muslim’s camels than shepherding the pigs of the Christians. We don’t think that they are going to do that, in which case let them feel their necks, the sword of truth is approaching them.

By Allah we become certain, and by Him we are upheld and upon Him we rely. Upon Him is the dependence and in Him is the trust. Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.

*              *              *


[1] This is the title used in Al-Qaeda’s translation. Another translation was: “The Love Story Between Salman al-Saud and the Pirate Trump: Reading the Signs of Begging and the Contents of Abuse and Extortion”.

[2] MBS’s interview with Bloomberg, published on 5 October, saw him say, “[W]e will pay nothing for our security. … If you look at the picture overall [of U.S.-Saudi relations], you have 99 percent of good things and one bad issue [i.e. Trump demanding Saudi pay more for the U.S. security guarantee]. … I love working with [Trump]. I really like working with him and we have achieved a lot in the Middle East, especially against extremism, extremist ideologies, terrorism and Da’esh … Now we are pushing back against extremists and terrorists and Iran’s negative moves in the Middle East … We have huge investments between both countries. … [A] lot of achievements, so this is really great.”

[3] The exact phrase used in the original is “حنظل قاتل”

[4] Bernard Lewis’s name is wrong in the Arabic, too—as is the chronology. Lewis used the phrase “clash of civilisations” before Samuel Huntington.

Lewis first used the phrase in an essay for The Atlantic Monthly in September 1990, entitled, “The Roots of Muslim Rage”. “It should by now be clear that we are facing a mood and a movement far transcending the level of issues and policies and the governments that pursue them”, wrote Lewis. “This is no less than a clash of civilizations—the perhaps irrational but surely historic reaction of an ancient rival against our Judeo-Christian heritage, our secular present, and the worldwide expansion of both.” Despite this mischaracterisation of Lewis—not least because of the unhelpful appropriation of the word “orientalism”—his advice was very firmly that the West not respond in kind to this challenge. “It is crucially important that we on our side should not be provoked into an equally historic but also equally irrational reaction against that rival”, Lewis wrote.

Huntington quoted part of this passage in his Foreign Affairs article in the summer of 1993, and again in his book (p. 213), published in 1996.

[5] The exact phrase used about Ms. Newman, which Trump tweeted on 14 August 2018, was: “When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!”

[6] Speaking to a rally in Southaven, Mississippi, on 2 October—the day Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, by coincidence—Trump said: “We protect Saudi Arabia. Would you say they’re rich? And I love the King, King Salman. But I said ‘King—we’re protecting you. You might not be there for two weeks without us. You have to pay for your military [protection]’.”

[7] The reference is to Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi writer who was butchered in the consulate in Turkey in October. Al-Qaeda’s claim that Khashoggi’s fate shows the legitimacy, indeed the necessity, of violence is similar to the way the group uses the 2013 coup in Egypt: a demonstration that local and international forces will, whatever their professed belief in democracy and law, thwart Islamists any way they can, including through murder, leaving Islamists only the path of violent jihad if they wish to make political or any other progress.

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