Islamic State Claims the Attack on Muhammad Cartoon Event in Texas

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on May 22, 2015

Dabiq 9, page 4

The Islamic State released the ninth edition of Dabiq, its English-language magazine, on May 21, 2015. The Foreword, on pages 3 and 4, claims “credit” for the attempted terrorist attack against in Garland, Texas, on May 3. The two would-be killers, Elton Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi, were killed outside the Curtis Culwell Center, which was hosting a “draw (Prophet) Muhammad” cartoon contest, led by anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller, who was among the primary targets of the attack. The attack had been guided by Islamic State operative Junaid Hussain, a British hacker. The article is reproduced below with some edits for transliteration.


As the crusaders continue to reveal their intense hatred and animosity towards Islam through their relentless bombing and drone campaigns on the Islamic State, a new breed of crusader continues shedding light on the extent of their hatred towards the religion of truth. This breed of crusader aims to do nothing more than to anger the Muslims by mocking and ridiculing the best of creation, the Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdillah (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam [blessings of God be upon him and his family and peace]), under the pretext of defending the idol of “freedom of speech.”

Yet, such brazen attacks on the honor of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam), rather than deterring or disheartening the Muslims, serve as further incitement, spurring them into confronting the forces of kufr with whatever means they have available. Such was the case with Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, two brave men who took it upon themselves to remind the enemies of Allah and His Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam) that as long as they choose to wage war on Islam, they would have no peace and security, would not be able to walk their own streets without looking over their shoulders, and would not be able to make public appearances without being surrounding by a legion of bodyguards and security personnel.

The two lions of the Khilafah [Caliphate] arrived at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas three weeks ago during a convention that featured a competition to draw the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam) in an attempt to mock and ridicule him. The two mujahideen came armed and ready to wage war, ignited a gun battle with the policemen guarding the center, and attained a noble shahada [lit. “the testimony” (“there is no God but God and Muhammad is His messenger”)] in pursuit of vengeance for the honor of our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam).

Their determination to support the cause of Allah and punish those who insult the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam) should serve as inspiration to those residing in the lands of the crusaders who are still hesitant to perform their duty. Those men who have read the countless ayat [evidences] and ahadith on the virtues of jihad and have made sincere du’a to Allah asking Him for shahada but have yet to act, should consider that Allah will not grant them their du’a until they take a step towards this noble duty

“And if they had intended to go forth, they would have prepared for it [some] preparation. But Allah disliked their being sent, so He kept them back, and they were told, ‘Remain [behind] with those who remain’” [At-Tawbah: 46].

Many of those who attained shahada fighting the crusaders in their own lands had first taken steps to make hijrah [emigration] to the lands of jihad. These preparatory steps were enough to demonstrate their sincerity, so they were granted shahada without facing the difficulties of hijrah.

As for those who continue to suffer from the disease of being indifferent towards the obligations of hijrah, jihad, and bayah [oath of allegiance], so much so that they see nothing wrong with residing amongst, and paying taxes to, the very crusaders who belittle the shari’a on their news and entertainment programs, who arm the secularists and Rawafid [Shi’is] in Muslim lands, who imprison and torture Muslim men and women, and on top of all who burn the Qur’an and mock the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa-sallam), then let them prepare their flimsy excuses for the angels of death.

“Indeed, those whom the angels take [in death] while wronging themselves—[the angels] will say, ‘In what [condition] were you?’ They will say, ‘We were oppressed in the land.’ The angels will say, ‘Was not the earth of Allah spacious [enough] for you to emigrate therein?’ For those, their refuge is Hell—and evil it is as a destination” [An-Nisa: 97].

The hypocrites will sit back, the true men will step forward, and the kuffar [disbelievers] will have no peace and no security.

May Allah accept our two brothers amongst the leaders of the shuhada [martyrs] in Jannah [Paradise].

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