Calls for U.S. Government to Recover ‘Mentally Unbalanced’ YPG Foreign Fighter

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on June 9, 2015

Jordan Matson, Michael Enright

Jordan Matson, an American fighting in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the Syrian wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), posted a message to Facebook on 4 June 2015 about Michael Enright, a British YPG fighter who had been living in America and working as an actor. Matson says that Enright is “mentally unstable,” had come to Syria to sell his story and write a movie script, and had been disarmed and isolated by the YPG already because of the worry that he would harm himself or be harmed by others. Matson’s message is posted below with typos and “text speak” corrected.


***Attention to whomever is in charge of monitoring my account for the State Department***

Michael Enright, the mentally unstable actor who is in Rojava, is in danger of being killed by one of many Westerners and Kurds who want to bury him.

This man has been the biggest piece of shit that ever walked in Rojava. Immediately after coming here, he tried selling his story to the media. He has been kicked out of four different fighting units and asked to leave twice by the YPG to which end he … put the barrel of his rifle in his mouth and threatened to kill himself if he was sent home. (He is still working on his movie script).

He constantly lies and tries manipulating everyone around him, both Kurd and Westerner. The Generals have even told us they try keeping him away from everyone for fear that their own men will kill him.

We have taken the bolt from his AK-47 quite some time ago, so he runs around taking pictures of himself in the rear saying he killed Daesh with a weapon he can’t even fire.


Several others can confirm this story: Matthew Hinstridge, Clay lawton, Jesse Gillispie, Lei Gallagher, Brian Wilson, and others I don’t have Facebook for.

Ball’s in your court …..


Jordan Matson’s Facebook post about Michael Enright


UPDATE: Later in June 2015, Enright denied that events had unfolded as Matson claimed. “I’ve not been asked to leave by four generals, I’ve not put a gun in my mouth or wanted to kill myself, I’ve not been threatened in any way by the Kurds,” Enright said, adding that his gun was “just fine” and he had never started—and was not planning to—a movie script. In August 2016, Enright explained further that those with whom he had had a “negative” interaction were hostile for reasons unrelated to anything Enright had actually done: “I had no military background, I’m an actor—and I didn’t realise they really looked down on that—and I’m old as far as they’re concerned”. In June 2017, I spoke with an American YPG fighter, who said: “I have spoken with [Enright] and many mutual friends … and I can assure you that [Matson’s claim] is completely baseless”.

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