Islamic State Spokesman Admits Caliph’s Deputy is Dead, Invites Armageddon

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on October 14, 2015


The Islamic State’s spokesman, Taha Subhi Falaha (Abu Muhammad al-Adnani) gave a speech on 13 October 2015 entitled, “Say to Those Who Disbelieve, ‘You Will Be Overcome’.”

Falaha’s speech contained an important piece of news, or rather confirmation of news: the caliph’s deputy, Fadel al-Hiyali, was in fact killed on 18 August 2015.[4]

The themes in Falaha’s speech were largely familiar: the jihadists were facing a global conspiracy of America, its allies, Russia, Iran, and apostate Muslims in Syria and Iraq; Muslims should therefore unite around the Islamic State’s banner in order to repel this aggression aimed at all (Sunni) Muslims; but the Islamic State remains strong—the killing of leaders and the loss of some areas was more than made up for by other advances—and able to murder those Muslims who remain opposed to it and shatter the Americans.

At the end of the speech Falaha appeared to concede that the caliphate itself, as a state, might at some point be destroyed, though this was no reason for Islamic State jihadists to fight any less fiercely since it would soon be resurrected—this is a cause that lives in men’s hearts and god will see it to victory in his own good time—and the trials on the way will expose those of insufficient belief.

Falaha singled out three main enemies of the Islamic State: al-Qaeda, the Syrian opposition, and Saudi Arabia. Of al-Qaeda, Falaha mocked them for having sworn loyalty to a dead man (Mullah Muhammad Umar) and used this to dismiss the need to even answer al-Qaeda’s charges of illegitimacy against the caliph. The Syrian rebellion was attacked for dividing the Muslims into “factions,” and for having secured a liberation that was no liberation at all since it installed the rule of local councils and democracy, not the Holy Law. Falaha appealed to the insurgents in Syria to either quit the field or defect to the Islamic State, and threatened all those who remained with extermination. Falaha incited outright revolt in Saudi Arabia, saying it was ruled by a government under American domination. It is noticeable that Falaha did not, despite the attacks inside the Kingdom by the Islamic State earlier this year, threaten the Saudis with terrorism from Islamic State networks in the country; either such networks do not exist or (more likely) are in a condition where the Islamic State does not want to draw attention to them.

Falaha was also adamant that the Islamic State’s members would be held accountable for their behaviour, and severely punished for misdeeds like looting. The comparatively un-corrupt behaviour of the Islamic State and its preparedness to punish its own has been a source of strength so far, as it always is for a revolutionary organization.

Though Falaha avoided threats of terrorism in America or Europe, Falaha reiterated the apocalyptic Hadith about the battle at Amaq/Dabiq, and appeared to say that the U.S. intervening with ground troops in Syria is what the Islamic State wants to usher in End Times and victory for the Islamic State.

Below, Falaha’s full speech is reproduced. Some edits to transliterations have been made, some notes added, and salient points highlighted in bold.


All praise is due to Allah, the Strong and Mighty. And may blessings and peace be upon the one sent with the sword as a mercy to all the worlds. As for what follows:

Allah (ta’ala) said, “Say to those who disbelieve, ‘You will be overcome and gathered together to Hell, and wretched is the resting place.’ Already there has been for you a sign in the two armies which met—one fighting in the cause of Allah and another of disbelievers. They saw them to be twice their own number by their eyesight. But Allah supports with His victory whom He wills. Indeed in that is a lesson for those of vision.” [Al-Imran: 12-13].

O crusaders, Rafidah [Shi’is], secularists, apostates, Jews, and kuffar [unbelievers] in general: ally with each other against the Muslims as much as you will. Ally with each other, rush madly, plot, scheme, and assemble. Indeed, you will be overcome and gathered in Hellfire. O crusaders, you will be overcome. O Rafidah, you will be overcome. O apostates, you will be overcome. O Jews, you will be overcome. This is the established way of Allah with those before you, as occurred to the followers of Fir’awn, the people of Nuh, and the people of Hud. You will be defeated just like in Badr, al-Ahzab, and Khaybar. You will be defeated just like in al-Yamamah and al-Yarmuk. You will be defeated just like in al-Qadisiyyah and Nahawand. You will be defeated just like in Hittin and Ayn Jalut. O kuffar, you will be defeated altogether. Do not forget that ar-Raqqa, al-Fallujah, and Mosul were not long ago. Nor were Tadmur and ar-Ramadi long ago.

O Russia, by Allah’s permission, you will be defeated. O America, you will be defeated. You will assemble yourselves, your army, and your allies for Hellfire, and what a horrible abode it is.

America thinks it will overpower the mujahideen. How despicable America and its allies are. Know, O America, that the Islamic State today is not as you think and not as you wish. Its truthful leaders and soldiers have refused to please anyone by angering Allah. They hope for nothing save His forgiveness and pleasure. For this reason, they never humbled themselves at the expense of their religion. They never feared anyone except their Lord. They sought His aid, called upon Him, sought refuge with Him, and relied upon Him alone; He has no partners. They are certain of His aid for them. For this reason, they have disbelieved in the idols, the so-called “symbols,” “scholars,” and “ideologues,” throwing their contradictory statements against the wall without any concern. They did not compromise with the “popular support” at the expense of their religion, because the “popular support” is scum. For this reason, the Islamic State advances upon a clear path with a white destination. It is a path drawn out by the leaders of the Islamic State with their own corpses and skulls. They lit the path with their blood. By Allah’s permission, those after them will not diverge. Whoever joins the ranks of the Islamic State is attracted by that light. He is kept firm by a methodology treaded by the leaders of the Islamic State and carried in the hearts of its soldiers. This was so until that methodology became a safety by which anyone who might attempt to take leadership while lacking such methodology, then the soldiers of the Islamic State would reject him, abandon him, and replace him, whoever he might be.

Therefore, know, O America, that the banner of the Islamic State is now carried by a whole new generation. By Allah’s permission, it will be followed by further generations. So have glad tidings of what hurts you, O America, for the Islamic State today by Allah’s grace is stronger than any day before. It continues to move from strength towards further strength. And all praise is due to Allah. Whereas America and its allies today are weaker than ever before, moving from a condition of weakness to conditions of further weakness.

Indeed, America today is weak, rather powerless. Due to its weakness and powerlessness, it calls for the help of Australia in the war against the Islamic State. It begs Turkey. It begs Russia. It appeases Iran. It says without reservation that it is prepared to ally with Shaytan [the devil].

So listen and understand, O America, with every day that passes of your war against the mujahideen, we gain strength and you weaken. The battle carries on, by Allah’s grace, as we have planned. We dragged you into two wars in Khurasan [Afghanistan-Pakistan] and Iraq, by which you forgot the terrors of Vietnam.[1] This is a third war expanding to Sham [Syria]. In it, by Allah’s permission, will be your end, destruction, and elimination. If you want the least of losses, then you must pay jizyah[2] to us and submit.

Yet, the foolish mule Obama thought that it was in his power to conclude the war by the air and through the slavish proxies, agents, and sahwat.[3] He thereby prolonged the war as we wished. He should have rushed and not wasted time in trying out “solutions.” The fool made a ground invasion the final option. And he will always be a failure, as there are no solutions.

O America, you will come to the ground, very soon. Undoubtedly, therein will be your destruction and end. Obama will then remain an example for America like the clown of the Rafidah, Nouri [al-Maliki]. America will then curse Obama as long as its remnants exist. Yes America, you will be surprised. The Islamic State today is unlike you expect and opposite to what you desire.

Yes America, you will be defeated and taste great calamity. The best proof is Bayji, al-Anbar, Tadmur [Palmyra], and al-Khayr [Deir Ezzor]. America utilized all its power to take Bayji and hold onto its oil refinery. And after eight months of a constant and severe battle, it was defeated in Bayji and expelled with humiliation. It haughtily lied and claimed to have taken it dozens of times. But America was humiliated in Bayji and unable to protect its refinery. By Allah’s grace, we took Bayji with force in spite of America and its allies.

America claimed that the Islamic State had become weak, on the defense, unable to expand, on the run, and withdrawing. Then Allah blessed us with ar-Ramadi and we took it in spite of America. We also expanded to as-Sukhnah, Tadmur, and al-Qaryatayn. Thereby the lies of America became evident to the eyes. The legend of the uncrushable America was crushed. Its powerlessness and weakness became clear.

The biggest “victory” America is able to achieve against the mujahideen today is to expel them from a neighborhood here or a village there or kill a Muslim man. It rejoiced and rushed with hubris upon killing the Shaykh Abu Mutaz al-Qurayshi,[4] may Allah have mercy on him. It deluded itself into believing such was a great victory.

May Allah have mercy upon you, Abu al-Mutaz. You are not but a man from the Muslims. We did not eulogize him, nor will I eulogize him, because we consider that he did not die, as he had raised generations and left behind him brave men, upon whose hands America awaits what will ruin it.

I will not eulogize him, because he has achieved what he had hoped for. He was killed, may Allah have mercy on him, while he had no hope in this world except to be killed without changing his commitment. His supplication for this became often during his last days. Rather those around him say that in his last days he did not care for precautions, as if he saw his time coming. He, may Allah have mercy on him, did not hope for death and supplicate Allah for it because of despair or discontent, nor because of worry, weakness, or fatigue. Rather, it was his longing to meet his Lord, then his yearning to be amongst those who preceded him on his path.

I will not eulogize him, because America and its allies rejoiced at his death while their agents and dogs gloated. They rejoiced and gloated at the killing of a man from the Muslims whose only dream in this Dunya [temporal world, Earth] was to be killed for the sake of Allah. Abu al-Mutaz, may Allah have mercy on him, used to say while grabbing hold of his grey beard and tugging it, “By Allah, you will be dyed with blood. By Allah, you will be dyed with blood.” And Allah answered his supplication, actualizing his vow. I saw his beard dyed with his blood. So why should I eulogize him?

I will not eulogize him. If the eyes are filled with tears, saddened by the loss of the dear and precious Abu al-Mutaz, then the hearts have gotten used to sufferings so they no longer are concerned.


The heart was struck by pains until my heart became covered by a layer of arrows.

Thereafter whenever arrows struck me, the arrows would break upon older arrows.

The pains became nothing, so I don’t worry about them, as I don’t benefit from concern.

I will not eulogize Abu al-Mutaz, but instead I will ask Allah (ta’ala) to accept him alive amongst the martyrs, grant him residence in Paradise amongst the truthful and the prophets, keep us firm after him upon this path, make our end good, and make us experience a more severe martyrdom.

So do not rejoice, O America. You will continue to assemble your forces and that of your crusader allies until you step into the arena of Dabiq, wherein you will be crushed and defeated. This is the promise of Allah; indeed Allah does not fail in His promise.

Abu Hurayrah (radiyallahu ‘anh) reported that Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “The Hour will not be established until the Romans land at al-Amaq or Dabiq. Then an army from Medina of the best people on the earth at that time will leave for them. When they line up in ranks the Romans will say, ‘Leave us with those who enslaved some of us so that we can fight them.’ The Muslims will say, ‘Nay, by Allah, we will not abandon our brothers to you.’ So they will fight them. Then one third of them will flee; Allah will never forgive them. One third of them will be killed; they will be the best martyrs with Allah. And one third will conquer them; they will never be afflicted with tribulation. Then they will conquer Constantinople” [Sahih Muslim].

Yes, this is the promise of Allah. You will come down to the ground, O crusaders, and we are waiting for you.

As for you, O factions of apostasy and treachery, O factions of disgrace everywhere, O scum. Is it not time you learn a lesson from your predecessors from amongst the factions all the long years in Iraq? Did you not benefit from the lessons you were taught in Syria? Therefore, listen O fronts, movements, and organizations. Listen O brigades, battalions, armies, groups, and assemblies. Listen O parties and factions. Listen O clans and tribes. Listen all people. Listen and understand.

Indeed, Islam is above everything and nothing may be over it. Its people were never weaklings. Our Lord taught us that all power and honour is His, that the believers are the superior, and that the kuffar are the humiliated. Our relationship is with Allah, so we do not take a step except with proof from Allah. Say about us what you desire. It does not matter to us. As it is said, “I am soaked, so why should I worry of getting wet?”

So defame and disparage us. Call out and lie against us. This will not benefit you. By Allah’s permission, you will be humiliated. You will not harm us, but only annoy us. And Allah will prove our innocence. We will carry on. We will not look back, nor will we care. Do what you please to do. Ally with each other, assemble, and plot. Mobilize your forces. You will not succeed. You will not achieve victory. By Allah’s permission, you will be overpowered and defeated. We will not be frightened, as Allah is sufficient for us. We will carry on, never quitting nor caring.

I then say to the leaders of the factions, groups, parties, divisions, and organizations that wage war against the Caliphate [Khilafah] while claiming that they work to revive the Caliphate. To them and those like them I say, by Allah’s permission, we will carry on upon our path. It is the Caliphate. If you wish, then repent, join its ranks, and support it, for it is the Caliphate. We established it in spite of America and America’s allies while fighting against the tawaghit[5] of the earth. We will carry on by the order of our Lord to raise its tower and revive its glory, even if such does not please you. We will carry on doing what we please in accordance with the law of our Lord. So if the guidelines of your fools—I mean your “wise” men—are unable to deter us and turn us back, then if you like, seek refuge with the Security Council of the United Nations, maybe they could issue a resolution condemning us. Or seek the aid of the crusader coalition or any taghut or the Rafidah or the Nusayriyyah[6] or the devils. Maybe they will send you air support or ground reinforcements. And if such does not please you, then ram your heads against the mountains and annihilate them, or farm the ocean surface or if you wish you can drink the seas. Or if this does not please you, O miserable ones, then seek a tunnel into the earth core or a stairway into the sky. And if that does not please you, then die in your rage. We will do as we please whenever we wish, for we do not have after the Qur’an and the Sunnah any red lines. The laws of the other nations are beneath our feet. Yes, we will never be scared by the armies of the Arabs and non-Arabs. We will pronounce takfir [excommunication] upon anyone who the law of Allah pronounces takfir upon.

We will carry on, by Allah’s permission. We will continue with our explosions and destruction regardless of how much the claimants and fools lie against us, even if these fools are falsely called “scholars” and “wise men.” They can lie and fabricate as much as they wish.


We call to tawhid [monotheism] all our lives, at every moment, secretly and openly.

We wage a fierce war with our mouths and hands against filthy shirk [idolatry] and its people.

We also wage war against all filthy heresies, destroying them, in defence of the religion.

This is our path and methodology, so why are you lurking for us in ambush?

Many of our brothers have asked us to respond to the series and the episodes of lies and fabrications that have filled the horizons. So we say with pity in response, while seeking the aid of Allah:


The senility of an old man is never followed by wisdom.

Whereas wisdom follows the childishness of a youth.

I was silent to the fool so he thought I was unable to respond!

A person who pledges allegiance to a dead man and calls the umma [Muslim community] to pledge allegiance to a dead man, does such a person deserve a response?[7]

We will divide the groups and break the ranks of the organizations. Yes, because there is no place for groups after the revival of the Jama’ah (the Caliphate). So away with the organizations. We will fight the movements, assemblies, and fronts. We will tear apart the battalions, the brigades, and armies, until, by Allah’s permission, we bring an end to the factions, for nothing weakens the Muslims and delays victory except the factions. Yes, and we will liberate the “liberated” places, because if they are not ruled by the law of Allah, then they have not been liberated.[8]

Return to your guidance, O Muslims. Return to your guidance. It is the Caliphate. It is your honour. It is your glory. It is your victory.

And to the soldiers of the factions, we say: You have heard our message to your leaders, so listen and understand what I say. By Allah’s permission, we are coming to you. And by Allah, we feel pity for you. So take these words from us and understand them. If you do not find them to be true, then leave them.

We know that your intentions, goals, and conditions are various. Some of you fight us because of our religion, as you don’t want an Islamic state, out of dislike for the law of Allah, in support of the tawaghit, and being content with manmade laws. These are a small selection of you. Many of you fight us despite claiming to want implementation of the law of Allah. But they have deviated and not found the correct path. Some of you fight us thinking we are a barbaric enemy against the Muslims. Others fight for the sake of the Dunya or a salary from the factions. Others fight out of pride and bravery. And others have other various forms of intentions and evil.

But know that we do not differentiate between these intents and goals and that our ruling upon you after overpowering you is one: a bullet splitting the head or a sharp knife inside the neck.

O you who fights us because of our religion, by Allah, you will be defeated. If you want safety, then either run away or repent before we overpower you. O you who fights us claiming we are a barbaric enemy against the Muslims, stop fighting, for we did not march and sacrifice our souls for wealth or a perishing worldly life. Rest yourself and find comfort. We, by Allah, did not march for your wealth nor your property. And O you who fights us while claiming to have a goal of implementing the law of Allah, do you not know that we rule by the law of Allah? Do you not see Islam is supreme in every hand span of the Islamic State and that the religion is upheld? So know that by your fight against the mujahideen you have become an enemy and opponent to the law of Allah. And if the verdicts of the donkeys and mules of “knowledge”[9] have deluded you, then I will direct you towards a matter that if you comprehend you will know the truth. Reflect over the individuals who leave the factions and join the ranks of the Caliphate every day. You will find them to be the best and noblest of people. Reflect especially over those who abandoned your faction. Then ask yourself, why did the best individuals from the factions join the ranks of the Islamic State? If you say that they deviated according to the claim of those who are called “ideologues” and “major scholars,” then say to them all, by Allah, if the factions and organizations were upon truth, they would not have split up these individuals only for them to be united upon deviance under the Islamic State. Rather, these individuals only gathered upon truth. Rather, by Allah, if they were mujahideen they would never be divided by truth and united upon deviance, for the mujahideen cannot gather upon deviance.

So reflect upon this then ask yourself also, why is the case not the opposite if the Islamic State is upon falsehood? Why do its best soldiers not abandon them to join the factions? You will find the answer in the hadith of Abu Sufyan with Heraclius. And thousands from the faction fighters have joined us from Aleppo alone after your war was launched. And to comfort yourself and remove doubt from your heart, call those who joined the Islamic State from your faction and ask them about the reality of the Islamic State. Where is it in regards to the accusations of its opponents and enemies?

So O you who fights to implement the law of Allah, join the Jama’ah if you are truthful, and abandon the factions, for they have become the greatest obstacle in front of victory for the mujahideen and glory for the Muslims. By Allah’s permission, we will remove this obstacle.

By Allah’s permission, O soldiers of the factions, we are coming to wherever you might be even if after some time. We did not come for you, so do not stand in the face of the mujahideen. Whoever throws his weapons aside and repents is safe. Whoever sits in the masjid [mosque] and repents is safe. Whoever enters his home, closes his door, and repents, is safe. Whoever from the factions and brigades abandons the war against us and repents is safe. They are safe concerning their lives and wealth despite the severity of their former enmity towards the mujahideen and despite the amount of transgression they’d committed before. O Allah, we have conveyed, so witness.

O Muslims, is it not the time to realize that the Caliphate is your only salvation and that the rulers of your lands are followers and slaves of the Jews and crusaders? They do not make a decision except after receiving orders. They do not tread a path except for their sake. If you did not realize this from the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan yesterday, then look at the exposer, the battlefield of Syria

The cause of your weakness, O Muslims, was the collapse of the Caliphate and your straying thereafter. Yes, O Muslims, the collapse of the Caliphate was your illness, and its revival is your cure. So gather around it and seek shelter with it after Allah. Throw away the factions, groups, and organizations. If you do so, then it is your cure. If you refuse, it is your illness.

O Muslims, if you wish for security, then there is no security except in the shade of the Islamic State, which defends you, deters those who transgress against you, and protects your sanctuaries, and preserves your wealth and honour. O Muslims, if you want the law of Allah, then the law of Allah is not implemented except in the shade of the Islamic State. The law of Allah will not be established except by iron and fire, by stabbing, wounding, and fighting the kuffar day and night. The law of Allah will not be established except upon the skulls, corpses, and blood of the mujahideen, the truthful and sincere muwahideen.[10]

It is a clumsy fool who thinks that America and its allies wage war in defence of the weak and oppressed or for the sake of relief, not as a war against Islam and the Muslims. It is a clumsy fool who thinks that the law of Allah will be established by agreements with America and its allies or with the approval of the kafir nations or through their resolutions. The law of Allah will not be established except in spite of all the nations of kufr. The law of Allah will not be established except by battling all the armies of kufr and breaking them and defeating them. It is a clumsy fool who thinks that the Muslims are powerless or weak.[11]

Rather, O Muslims, you are strong, very strong, as long as you establish your religion, practice your tawhid, turn to your Lord, rely upon Him, seek His aid, and supplicate Him; He is alone without partners. “Is not Allah sufficient for His servant? And yet, they threaten you with those they worship other than Him” [Az-Zumar: 36]. “Is not Allah Exalted in Might and Owner of Retribution?” [Az-Zumar: 37].

How strange it is that a believer recites these verses and yet is scared, humiliated, or hurt? O Muslims, you are strong whereas America, its allies, Russia, and all the nations of kufr are weak in front of the mujahideen. Did not your Lord (azza wa jall) say, “So fight against the allies of Shaytan. Indeed, the plot of Shaytan has ever been weak” [An-Nisa: 76]. Did your Lord (azza wa jall) not promise you to defeat them and grant you victory over them if you fight against them? “Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people” [At-Tawbah: 14]. So how very strange it is for a believer to recite these verses and yet become weak, cowardly, or soft. How strange it is for someone to believe in these verses yet accept humiliation or compromise. How strange it is for someone to believe in these verses yet flatter the kuffar or conciliate with them.

How strange it is for you O Muslims, why are you afraid? Is not the Lord of Might with you? Did He not tell you that honour is for Allah, His Messenger, and the believers, but that the hypocrites do not know? Did He not tell you that you were supreme? Do you not read? Do you not believe? O Muslims, He who drowned Fir’awn, destroyed Ad and Thamud, and vanquished the parties, will vanquish Russia, America, and its allies, and will make them taste from the worst punishment upon the hands of the mujahideen. This is the promise of Allah as long as you are fighting for His cause. So march forth, whether light or heavy, and respond to the caller of Allah.

O you who abandoned the land of jihad, turning your back and fleeing to the lands of kufr, where will you flee from Allah on the Day of Gathering? Have you taken the kuffar as allies instead of the believers? Or have you sought honour with the despicable, humiliated people? “Do they seek with them honour? But indeed, honour belongs to Allah entirely” [An-Nisa: 139]. By Allah, a Muslim does not live in the lands of kufr except in humiliation, lowliness, and degradation. By Allah, there is no security, honour, or dignity for the Muslims if they are not fit for war and are not attached to their weapons.

What is the matter with you, O youth of Islam? Didn’t your grandfathers rule the Dunya and reign over the people? Didn’t the kings of the Dunya humble themselves before them, and didn’t the lands yield to them? And did they prevail, attain glory, and rule except through jihad?

Therefore, O Muslim youth, join the caravan of the mujahideen, for if you do so you will be the honored, dignified kings of the earth who rule the Dunya. And if you refuse, you will be the humiliated, miserable, contemptible losers.

“O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life. And know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart and that to Him you will be gathered. And fear a trial that will not strike those who have wronged among you exclusively, and know that Allah is severe in penalty” [Al-Anfal: 24-25].

O our people in the lands of al-Haramayn [Saudi Arabia], O grandsons of Sa’d and al-Ala, O grandsons of Majza’ah and al-Bara, how long will you continue to tolerate the rule of the miserable, kafir tawaghit of Al-Salul?[12] How long will the sorcerers in the committee of senior agents and hypocrites continue to deceive you? Here you see the pagan Russians assaulting the lands of Syria, the stronghold of the believers, and their church has declared it a holy war against the Muslims. So where are the fatwa of the committee of senior devils?

Did they not previously call on you to march forth and wage jihad against the Russians in Afghanistan? Or were those fatwa issued by their masters, the Americans? Weren’t the Muslims’ numbers in Khurasan sufficient? Or is it that the people of Syria are fiercer in strength than the Afghans are? What is the matter with you, O Muslims? Is it that in every case you do not reason? What is the matter with you—how do you judge? What is the matter with you—will you not listen? Will you not see? Do you not hear the cries of the weakened Muslims in Syria and see their condition, with the enemies having viciously mobilized against them? Has the Dunya blinded your eyes and have your base desires blocked your hearing, or is wala and bara dead?[13]

Or do you await a fatwa from the devil, the one who is blind in both eyesight and foresight, the mufti of the Americans?

No! The palace scholars have indeed bewitched you, so you’ve fallen into tribulation, and have been drugged, so awaken and rise up, O sons of al-Haramayn. It is only by your hands that the scales will turn, for the disease has come from your midst, and with you is the cure. Rise up against Al-Salul and their committee of agents so that the Americans and their allies swiftly collapse, for it is from your lands that they set out, and by your oil that they are financed, and by the fatwa of your devils that the Muslims are forsaken, handed over, driven out, and butchered.

So rise, O sons of al-Haramayn. You will have no excuse on the Day of Judgment. We call on you to march forth, we call on you for your support, and you will have no excuse if you remain behind. And we disassociate ourselves before Allah from the desertion of those who forsake us and incline towards being tame and living a pleasant life. Sa’d and Abdul-Aziz al-Ayyash are sufficient for us as a proof against you. How good they were!


They were two lions whose claws were bloodied when rushing to answer a call for help.

They were two seas of relief in an era of ferocious transgressions.

They excelled, fulfilled their obligations, and stuck to their words. It is sufficient for them as a store of good deeds with Allah what they’ve placed in the hearts of the Muslims of delight, happiness, and joy through their daring deed, and what they’ve brought to the kuffar of humiliation, terror, rage, fury, and ruin.

They are from us and we are from them. We ask Allah to elevate their ranks in Paradise. Indeed, what they have done is more beloved to us than dozens of car bombs.


They were two lions who would not humble themselves, and whose sanctuary would not be targeted.

Or they were like two long spears visible to everyone in the middle of the sky.

They prevailed with little effort; their dew spread generously like a flood.

Yes, by Allah, their dew spread generously like a flood. So rise and follow their example, O son of al-Haramayn. Rise! If you lack a weapon, you do not lack a rope and a knife. And before you are the soldiers of the taghut. Go forth, for either you prevail or you die.


The seekers of merit are companions of death, whereas the desire for long life is the passion of the soul.

If this life is not honorable, why should one yearn for a long life?

Indeed, the fear of death is bitter like its taste. The fear a youth has is a sharp sword over his head.

If you recognize life in death, you will find the taste of death sweet when you taste it.

So rush forth, O youth of Islam in every place. Rush forth to jihad against the Russians and the Americans, for it is the crusaders’ war on the Muslims, the war of the mushrikeen[14] and atheists against the believers. “O you who have believed, what is the matter with you that, when you are told to go forth in the cause of Allah, you adhere heavily to the earth? Are you satisfied with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But what is the enjoyment of worldly life compared to the Hereafter except a very little. If you do not go forth, He will punish you with a painful punishment and will replace you with another people, and you will not harm Him at all. And Allah is over all things competent” [At-Tawbah: 38-39].

And O soldiers of the Islamic State, take some words from us. Do not fear for the Caliphate, for indeed Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) will safeguard it and will direct for its sake those who will maintain it, but fear only for your souls. Take yourselves to account, repent, and return to your Lord.

Beware, O mujahid. Do not let your condition on the Day of Judgment be like the condition of those about whom Allah said, “The hypocrites will call to the believers, ‘Were we not with you?’ They will say, ‘Yes, but you afflicted yourselves and awaited misfortune for us and doubted, and wishful thinking deluded you until there came the command of Allah. And the deceiver deceived you concerning Allah'” [Al-Hadid: 14]. Let not anyone of you think that he will be saved by simply carrying a weapon and joining the ranks of the mujahideen. Allah (ta’ala) said, “Among you are some who desire this world, and among you are some who desire the Hereafter” [Ali Imran: 152]

A man came to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and said, “O Messenger of Allah, a man may fight out of bravery, zeal, or to show off, so which of these is fighting for the cause of Allah?” So he (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “Whoever fights so that the word of Allah becomes supreme is fighting for the cause of Allah.” Likewise, it was mentioned before the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) that so-and-so was killed as a martyr. So he (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “No! I saw him in the Hellfire wearing a cloak he had stolen from the war booty.” Likewise, the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, “There are two types of fighting. As for he who seeks the face of Allah, obeys the leader, donates something precious to him, supports his comrade, and avoids corruption, then he is rewarded both in sleep and in wakefulness. And as for he who fights for the sake of pride, fame, and to show off, and disobeys the leader and spreads corruption in the land, he will not return with the rewards needed to offset these sins.” Look at the many deviants, the misguided, the fallen, and the relapsed. And do not fear for the Caliphate. Indeed, Allah (azza wa jall) will safeguard His religion and protect His slaves

And indeed, since the Islamic State’s initial establishment more than ten years ago up until today, there has come upon it of trials, adversities, difficulties, and tremors what would devastate the mountains, including the loss of its leaders, the continuous deaths, the many who were imprisoned, and the loss of lives, property, and wealth. And it endured, by the grace of Allah alone, from one difficulty to another, and from one agony to another, and from one trial and adversity to another. And no calamity afflicts the State except that the one who’s informed of it says, “It will be destroyed.” And it isn’t long before it settles, and Allah alone knows how it settles, but that a calamity befalls it, so the one who’s informed of it says, “The calamity won’t end.” Then Allah removes it, and the next one comes, so we say, “This is the one. This is the one.” And so on. So no calamity descends except that the relief from it comes from where we never expected. We do not lose a commander, nor is one of our leaders killed except that Allah facilitates for his place to be taken by one who is good in leadership and continues the journey, to the extent that we are surprised at how well he performs, his tremendous bravery, his great level of mastery in what he does, and that he is more painful and infuriating for the enemies of Allah than the one before him, even though we had previously thought that we would not find someone that could take his place. So all praise be to Allah who fulfilled His promise, gave victory to His army, and who alone established this Caliphate.

So rejoice O soldiers of the Caliphate, for your state—inshallah—will remain until the Day of Judgment, because it is Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) who looks after it, administers its affairs, supports, and protects it. So fear for yourselves and don’t fear for it. Do not commit injustice, do not commit betrayal, do not be cowards, do not lag or grow weak. Flee from the ignoble Dunya. Flee to the Lord of all creation. “Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children—like the example of a rain whose resulting plant growth pleases the tillers; then it dries and you see it turned yellow; then it becomes scattered debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion” [Al-Hadid: 20]

O sons of the Islamic State, indeed the battle has not yet intensified, and what’s coming will be worse and more bitter. So sharpen your determination, and attack, for glory stands before you.


And he who seeks what we seek of glory and loftiness, life and death become equal for him.

So abandon the Dunya and seek greatness. Reconcile, and forgive one another. Cooperate and do not dispute. And strive to be where Allah loves for you to be, in the frontier areas, not in your homes and bedrooms; on frontier guard duty, not in the markets and palaces; disheveled and covered in dust, covered in blood and struck down, not sitting in comfort and leisure. So realize the great position that you are in, understand the greatness of the trust that you are bearing, and perceive the enormity of the matter and the significance of the affair.


My Lord, in my chest is the pulse of a loving slave,

And indeed I return to You and fear You.

And in the land there are terrors surging and tribulations,

Roaming about, and in the midst of all that, tears are being shed.

Blood is pouring forth and victims are scattered about,

Tremors and earthquakes are raging madly around us.

The whole world fell upon us, and there came,

Multitudes advancing one after another in the lands.

As if they were rushing for a bowl that belonged to them,

So their multitudes and factions made a commotion over it.

My Lord, the base desires of my Ummah have torn

Its strength; and whims and ornaments have covered it.

Its steps in the darkness are guided by one who is astray,

And it is pushed into the midst of dark storms by a deviant person.

And in every land, there is one trial after another,

And a day of sullen evil and eclipsing terror.

Events pass by us even to the extent that it’s as if they are

Stories from a book, and tales from the past.

My Lord, who will aid the Muslims while they have fallen asleep,

And the ayat and masahif have not awoken them.

My Lord, aid us and pour light amidst us,

Upon hearts for which the way out has become constricted.

And reconcile the hearts that have been divided by spite

And perhaps reconciliation may one day bring together opponents.

And grant us conviction in our hearts so that perhaps we may

Rush to our battlefields and gain the higher ground.

And send down upon us mercy that will cleanse us

From what worries us of sins we have committed.

And guide us to repentance that by which perhaps

An instrument-playing person diverted from the matter will awaken.

So that large armies of us would gush forth onto the battlefield,

Filling them with sympathizers and men looking for arms to carry.

And we would carry our Lord’s message to the Dunya,

And would fight and make peace based on it, while upon guidance,

And remain by it one row, as if its soldiers,

Were the foundation of a building; their ranks comprised of scholars and warriors.

So that You would send down victory and mercy, O my Lord,

When the determination of those stationed in the battlefields is true.







[1] Falaha is obviously playing on the “Vietnam syndrome” here but he also echoes what Usama bin Ladin used to say had motivated the 9/11 massacre: the sureness that the U.S. would retreat in the face of even minor resistance. And Bin Ladin would specifically list Vietnam, Beirut after the Marine barracks bombing, and Somalia after the “Black Hawk Down” episode. Later Bin Ladin included the series of al-Qaeda attacks through the 1990s. First there was the December 1992 bombings in Yemen at the Gold Mohur Hotel and the Aden Mövenpick Hotel, which in Bin Ladin’s telling “made [the Americans] leave”. It is not actually clear that the U.S. knew what had happened; none of its citizens were killed and the soldiers based in Yemen moved to Somalia as planned to conduct humanitarian operations. Regardless, then came the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing, the November 1995 bombing at the Saudi National Guard training centre, the 1996 Khobar Towers atrocity (which was led by Iran—”planned, funded, and sponsored by [Tehran’s] senior leadership“—with al-Qaeda playing “some role“), the 1998 East African Embassy bombings, and the near-sinking of the U.S.S. Cole. In no case was anything serious done to punish al-Qaeda.

[2] The jizya is the mandated tax, often referred to as a poll tax and in practice essentially a protection-racket, that non-Muslim monotheists, Christians and Jews usually, must pay to an Islamic state in order to be afforded safety and demonstrate their subordination.

[3] The Sahwat or Awakening forces were the Iraqi Sunni tribes and insurgents who rose against IS’s predecessor and worked with the Americans to drive IS from its urban strongholds into the deserts. IS now uses the term to refer to all Sunni opposition to itself, particularly the Syrian rebels.

[4] Abu Mutaz al-Qurayshi or Abul-Mu’tazz al-Qurashi is also known as Abu Muslim al-Turkmani and Haji Mutaz or Haji Mutazz. His real name is Fadel al-Hiyali, a former officer in Saddam Hussein’s army and the caliph’s deputy between mid-2014 and 18 August 2015, when he was struck down by the U.S.-led Coalition. See full profile here.

[5] Tawaghit is often translated as “tyrants,” and that is the simplest way to understand it: IS uses it to refer to the authoritarian Arab regimes that fight them. The literal meaning relates to idolatry (shirk), the setting up of equals to god that are wrongly worshiped; these governments are said to have crossed this boundary by ruling with laws other than the shari’a, putting their own man-made laws on the level of god’s laws.

[6] Nusayris or the Nusayriyyah was the name used for the Alawis until about the 1920s and now considered derogatory. The Alawi sect emerged from Shi’ism in the late ninth century under the leadership of Ibn Nusayr, a student of the Eleventh Imam, Hasan al-Askari. The Alawis are among the sects called ghulat, who had taken aspects of Shi’ism—usually the veneration of some important figure—too far. In the Alawis’ case, though their beliefs are esoteric, it is known that they believe Ali is a godhead, taking them beyond the bounds of Islam. The Assad regime is comprised overwhelmingly at its senior levels—political, military, and economic—of Alawis, and the regime sought to frame its war against a rebellious population as an existential sectarian conflict so that it could rally the Alawi community around the regime. IS is content to use this framing.

[7] In delegitimizing the claim of Ibrahim al-Badri (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) to be caliph, al-Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has put forward two main reasons: (1) al-Badri is really al-Zawahiri’s subordinate, so he self-evidently would not be the caliph even if a legitimate caliphate was restored, and al-Badri’s disobedience to a leader with whom he had bayat (a pledge of allegiance) only puts him even further beyond the Islamic pale; and (2) there kinda-sorta already is a caliph—Mullah Muhammad Umar, the head of the Taliban. Al-Qaeda even re-released an old video in July 2014 showing Bin Ladin giving bayat to Mullah Umar in June or July 2001, a pledge al-Zawahiri claimed to have taken when he ascended to lead al-Qaeda, and which al-Zawahiri publicly renewed a week later. Unfortunately for al-Qaeda, Mullah Umar had been dead since 23 April 2013, as first revealed by the Afghan government in July 2015 and then confirmed by the Taliban a month later when they admitted they covered it up for tactical reasons. Hence, Falaha is able to dismiss al-Qaeda’s ability to question IS’s legitimacy: al-Qaeda was either in on the ruse, in which case it has been lying to its followers for two years, or it was not, in which case it had no idea that its own supreme leader had been deceased for two years—and what kind of leader is that?

[8] In short, IS intends to continue its war with the Syrian rebellion.

[9] Refers to the jihadi scholars like Issam al-Barqawi (Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi) and Umar Othman (Abu Qatada al-Filistini), who had near-uniformly sided against IS in its dispute with al-Qaeda.

[10] The muwahideen are those who interpret tawhid (monotheism) strictly. IS often uses muwahideen to describe its fighters, a historical reference to those (“the Wahhabis”) who formed the First Saudi State in 1744.

[11] Key difference with the messaging of al-Qaeda. IS stresses “the Muslims'” strength, and thus calls on people to join a winning team. Al-Qaeda always made its call for Muslims to unify around its banner by stressing the Muslims’ weakness.

[12] Abdallah ibn Ubay ibn Salul was a tribal leader who repeatedly fought with the Prophet Muhammad and became the archetypal munafik (hypocrite), indeed the leader of the munafikeen. Al-Salul has been taken on by Jihadi-Salafists as a label for the Saudi monarchy, which, in their telling, claims to rule by Islam—and by a Salafi version of Islam, at that—while in fact ruling by man-made laws and corrupt princes under the influence of the West.

[13] Al-wala wal-bara is the idea of association and loyalty to all that is Islamic, and dissociation and distance from all that is heretical.

[14] The mushrikeen are those who practice shirk, idolatry or polytheism—setting up equivalents to god in worship. Among others, IS includes among the mushrikeen those who support democracy since they advocate letting men make laws where really god has sovereignty.

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