Islamic State Newsletter Says Manchester Bomber Was a “Soldier of the Caliphate”

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 25 May 2017

Article about Manchester Arena suicide-killer Salman Abedi, page 2 of Al-Naba 82

The Islamic State (IS) released the eighty-second edition of its newsletter, Al-Naba, on 25 May 2017. The first article in Al-Naba 82 was about the suicide attack on the Manchester Arena on 22 May, which IS claimed the next day. The article in Al-Naba provided very few details about the murderer, Salman Abedi, or IS’s role in the attack, mostly gloating over the allegedly panicky reaction of the British state.

A “media source of the Islamic State” was quoted saying that Abedi, a “soldier of the caliphate”, had detonated explosives at a “gathering of the Crusaders”, killing thirty and wounding seventy. (In fact the death toll seems a bit lower than that and the injuries considerably higher).

The focus of the article was mostly on the reaction IS had achieved. “This attack provoked a state of panic and confusion among the Crusaders and their government, which has taken strict security measures following the blessed attack”, Al-Naba writes. Several meetings were held and the U.K. government “announced the raising of the country’s security alert to the highest degree”. The Ministry of Defence had approved a police request for the army to help maintain security and soldiers took positions around Parliament, the Prime Minister’s residence, other Government Departments, and Buckingham Palace, Al-Naba continued.

“This is the second attack Crusader Britain has incurred for participating in the war against the Islamic State”, Al-Naba concluded, noting the “raid” of 22 March by Khalid Masood (born: Adrian Russell Ajao), who mowed down pedestrians in Westminster and stabbed a security guard to death outside Parliament.

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UPDATE: In Al-Naba 83, released on 1 June 2017, there was an article on page 3, entitled, “The Blessed Battle of Manchester is A New Lesson for the Tyrants [and] Crusader States”. It had been demonstrated to the British, said Al-Naba, that the seas could not protect the Brits from the mayhem the Islamic State has inflicted on the European Continent, and Britain’s involvement in the war against the jihadists has not eliminated this threat. “[A] soldier of the Islamic State spread terror throughout their country. They have spread the army throughout the cities and gathered the police and security forces in the streets, fearing a new attack, which is inevitably coming, God willing, to keep up the state of exhaustion in the cities and villages of Britain, as in the territory of neighbouring France”, Al-Naba wrote. The U.K. was wholly dependent on America, Al-Naba says, and it was not enough—as the continued detention of John Cantlie and the attacks on British tourists in Tunisia showed. So long as Britain “continues on their path of kufruhum [infidelity, disbelief] and aggression, we will continue to hit them and wear them down[1] until God governs over us”.

The line about another attack being inevitable got some coverage after the 3 June London Bridge attack, though the actual connection between the Naba editorial and that atrocity is unclear at this point.

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[1] Actual word used is al-nikaya (النكاية), which refers to “a war of attrition to deplete its enemy through a ceaseless and incessant campaign of terror and hit-and-run attacks.”

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