Islamic State Newsletter Adds to Claim of Las Vegas Massacre

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 8 October 2017

Al-Naba 100, page 2

In Las Vegas, just after 22:00 Pacific Time on 1 October [6:00 on 2 October, British time], 64-year-old Stephen Paddock fired about 1,100 rounds over a ten-minute period from the thirty-second floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel at the crowd gathered on the Las Vegas Strip for the Route 91 Harvest music festival (the country singer, Jason Aldean, was playing at the time). When the shooting stopped, fifty-eight people had been murdered—making this the deadliest mass-shooting in American history—and 546 people had been injured. Paddock was found dead in the hotel room, having apparently shot himself.

The Islamic State claimed the Las Vegas attack via Amaq on 2 October, and soon released a fuller statement naming the killer as “Abu Abd al-Bir al-Amriki”. This followed the previous pattern laid down by IS when it claims its foreign terrorist attacks. There is as yet no definitive evidence of Paddock being motivated by jihadist ideology, nor of contact between Paddock and IS, and U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement have been quick to claim that such links do not exist.

In the 100th edition of Al-Naba, IS’s weekly newsletter, IS added details to its claims, page three contained a brief article adding details to IS’s claims about Las Vegas. A rough translation of the Naba article is reproduced below.


An Attack By One of the Soldiers of the Caliphate Killed 60 and Wounded More than 500 Crusaders in Las Vegas in America

60 American crusaders were killed and more than 500 wounded by a caliphate soldier in Las Vegas on Monday (12 Muharram [1439 Hijri; 2 October 2017 CE]).

It is reported by Amaq Agency that the soldier of the Islamic State converted to Islam six months before he attacked the crusaders in Las Vegas, and a media source said that after carefully monitoring the movement of the crusaders in the city, the brother Abu Abd al-Bir al-Amriki—may God accept him—equipped with a variety of machine guns and ammunition fired at the crowds from a hotel overlooking the concert, causing 600 casualties among the crusaders between the dead and wounded, until his ammunition ran out, and he rose [into heaven] as a martyr—as such we reckon him.

The source said that the operation came in response to the call of the faithful to target the crusader countries, led by America, involved in the war against the Islamic State.

The media quoted the American crusader police as saying that the attack had resulted at the time of writing in 59 dead, 527 wounded, and that the number of dead is likely to increase, alhamdulillah [praise/thanks be to god].

The sources pointed out that the shooter is 64-years-old, and that the crusader security forces found at least 10 pieces of weaponry in the hotel room from which he fired on the crusaders, including several machine guns.

This is not the first operation carried out by the soldiers of the caliphate in America. The brother, Umar Mateen, attacked a club for homosexuals[1] in the year 1437,[2] and killed and wounded more than 100, alhamdulillah.



[1] The phrase used for “homosexuals” by the Islamic State is shawadh jinsiya (شواذ جنسيا), which literally means “[people of] abnormal/deviant/irregular sexuality”.

[2] The Orlando attack took place on 7 Ramadan—the ninth of twelve months in the Hijri calendar—1437 Hijri. This is 12 June 2016 CE.

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