The Islamic State Claims the Manhattan Terror Attack

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 3 November 2017

The Islamic State’s claim for the 31 Oct. 2017 Manhattan terror attack is on the right. (Al-Naba 140, 2 Nov. 2017, page 3.)

The Islamic State released the 140th edition of its newsletter, Al-Naba, on 2 November 2017, which contained an article claiming that the perpetrator of the vehicular ramming terrorist attack in New York city on Halloween night, Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek immigrant to the United States, was one of the caliphate’s “soldiers”. The Islamic State also repeated its much-contested claim that Stephen Paddock, whom it refers to as “Abu Abd al-Bir al-Amriki”, was motivated by its call when carrying out the massacre at the concert in Las Vegas on 1 October. The article is reproduced below.

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An Attack by one of the Soldiers of the Caliphate in Central Manhattan in America

Killed and Injured More Than Twenty Crusaders

On Tuesday, 11 November, a soldier of the Islamic State in America attacked a number of crusaders on a street in New York City, near the 9/11 Memorial, killing and injuring more than twenty crusaders.

According to media, the mujahid brother’s small truck hit a number of crusaders in the Manhattan area, killing eight people and wounding more than twelve.

Other media sources mentioned that of the eight dead, five are Argentinian and one is Belgian.

The operation—thanks be to God—spread terror within Crusader America, prompting them to increase security measures and tighten procedures for immigrants entering America.

This is one of the most prominent attacks against the crusaders in America. The most recent attack before this was the attack of the martyr Abu Abd al-Bir al-Amriki (may God accept him) on a large gathering of crusaders in Las Vegas, which caused hundreds of deaths and injuries.

These attacks by soldiers of the Caliphate in the United States and Europe were within the framework of the call to target the citizens of the crusader countries participating in the coalition against the Islamic State. Praise be to God.

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