The Islamic State Responds to America Moving its Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 9 December 2017

Al-Naba 109, 8 December 2017

The Islamic State responded to President Donald Trump’s announcement, on 6 December 2017, that the United States would move its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, with an editorial on page 3 of the 109th edition of Al-Naba on 8 December 2017. Below is a very rough translation.

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Jerusalem Is The Only Priority Of Al-Muttaqun [The Righteous Who Fear God]

For sixty years Jerusalem has been in the hands of the Jews, and then people cry that the crusaders have announced it as their capital. One does not know the veracity of this crying: they cry over a land that was a jewel for the Muslims, … containing one of their three mosques, but they do not go to her. Or do they cry over this issue when it is mentioned because it summarizes all the tragedies of these latter ages. Or is it a new opportunity for those who stood up and pretended to raise their voices to again claim this orphaned issue, which has been left to the taghut [tyrants[1]] and a range of sects of infidelity and apostasy in the region to claim fatherhood, and to claim to be the guardian of blood in it.

The people of misguidance would make these empty claims, while covering up the crimes of the taghut and mushrikun [idolaters, polytheists]. It [the issue of Palestine] was a popular commodity traded by the Ba’th Party in Syria and Iraq, the Shi’i tyrants in Iran and Lebanon, and the tyrants of the apostate parties affiliated with Islam everywhere. To them it is a kind of drug, which is injected into their followers and slaves, and forms an impenetrable shield to any call for reform.

They called out their deviant slogans, such as “Jerusalem is the first cause of every Muslim,” by which they meant there is no prospect of achieving any of their demands until the “liberation” of Jerusalem. But there is no arbitration by the shari’a to get the city out of the hands of the Jews, and no jihad against any of the infidels and apostates to secure the return of the Aqsa Mosque to the hands of Muslims.

Some of them have modified their slogan to, “Jerusalem is the central cause of the Muslims,” ​​intended as a magnet to attract supporters and followers, called for the establishment of a religion around the goal of “liberation of Jerusalem,” and called for the restoration of the Caliphate with the goal of mobilizing Muslims to the battle of Fatah al-Quds [to conquer or open Jerusalem]. If they call for arbitration by shari’a, they hastened to add that it would help “restore maximum dignity for the cross”. We do not know what they would have done to justify these calls if they had ever agreed to make Jerusalem the capital of the Palestinian Authority or the taghuti HAMAS government.[2]

But the misguided ones deny access to the mujahideen in the struggle against the infidels, accusing those who obey the Lord of the Worlds of distracting from the “battle for Jerusalem” with their jihad, saying they should turn their attention away from it and directing the barrels of their guns away from the chests of the Jews. Many of the people of the jihad responded to these suspicions and told the people that the conquest of Jerusalem cannot be achieved because the armies of the tyrants surround it, enclosing it like a bracelet. They protect the Jews from the blows of the mujahideen, and prevent the Muslims from even thinking about opening a front with the infidels in Jerusalem and its environs.

But the righteous people of the truth cannot be fooled by the bidding of the liars, nor the most arrogant munafiqun [hypocrites]. Their loyalty is always with the law of the Lord of the Worlds, and the judgment on al-tawayif [the sects] and notables in the Holy Book is clear. The rule of disbelief is not excused from any individual or sect, no matter how loud their calls are for “liberating Jerusalem”. Until they repent from their disbelief in Almighty God and become like all Muslims, the pleasures of jihad do not stay in one or two lands waiting for the opening of another, nor [does jihad cease] against one class of mushrikun because they declare their intention to kill Yahud al-muharibin [Jewish warriors]. The struggle continues to establish the rule of God over Jerusalem and [all] other countries, to remove shirk from every land which is lit by the sun and engulfed by the night. …

They [the righteous] see that every step in the march of their jihad brings them closer to the fight God promised them with the Jews in Jerusalem, killing them on their own land, until the slave of God Iesa bin Maryam [Jesus son of Mary]—peace be upon him—returns to kill al-Dajjal [“the deceiver” or antichrist] … The men of this God-fearing community are the guardians of the holy city of Jerusalem and its Muslim people, who are the guardians of al-Masjid al-Aqsa [The Aqsa (Farthest) Mosque], not the tawaghit,[3] nor their slaves the mushrikun, nor the secularists, the democrats, and their apostate brethren, who are resisting the path of God and fight against the law of God, and whose refuge is hell and destiny is worse. As God Almighty said: “Why should God not smite those who obstruct [believers] from al-Masjid al-Haram,[4] though they are not [fit to be] its guardians?” [Al-Anfal (8): 34].


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[1] Taghut, usually given as “tyrant” for short-hand reasons, and does denote an illegitimate ruler. But the illegitimacy in the Islamist conception is because the designated ruler has elevated something man-made (law) to the same level as God (in this case God’s law, the shari’a). This is considered to be creating “partners” for God, encouraging the worship of something other than the one God as an equal of the deity, which is shirk (idolatry or polytheism).

[2] While denying HAMAS legitimacy, IS does refer to HAMAS as running a hukuma (government) rather than a nizam (system; more loosely “regime”).

[3] Tawaghit is the plural of taghut

[4] Al-Masjid al-Haram literally translates as “The Sacred Mosque” but is more widely known as the Grand Mosque, the holiest site in Islam, located in Mecca. It was this structure that was seized by the apocalyptic cult, al-Jama’a al-Salafiyya al-Muhtasiba (JSM, The Salafi Group for Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong), on 20 November 1979. Led by Juhayman al-Utaybi, JSM had become convinced that End Times had arrived and proclaimed a mahdi (lit. “guided one”) upon seizing the mosque. These eschatological miscalculations put JSM at a disadvantage when the Hour did not arrive but French special forces did. The siege was ended on 4 December 1979, and Juhayman and sixty-two of his followers were taken out into public squares in eight cities in Saudi Arabia on 9 January 1980 and executed by beheading. The second most holy site in Islam is also in Saudi Arabia, al-Masjid al-Nabawi (The Prophet’s Mosque), in Medina.

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