Hamza Bin Ladin Statement on Death of His Son

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 3 January 2018

Earlier today, Hamza bin Ladin, the son of al-Qaeda’s founder, Usama bin Ladin, released a letter, “To His Honourable Family on the Occasion of the Martyrdom of His Son Usama, May Allah Accept Him”. An English translation was released on a pro-al-Qaeda Telegram channel and is reproduced below.

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To my kind, dear, and precious family, may Allah protect and guard it, and may He make the higher paradise their resting place.

To my kind and dear brothers, may Allah protect and guard them and may He make the higher paradise their resting place.

To my dear and precious sisters, may Allah protect and guard them and may He make the higher paradise their resting place.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

I ask Allah the Magnanimous that you receive this letter of mine well and in good health, with all our honourable family, in safety, piety, and satisfaction from Allah, secure, blessed, and strengthened, and seeking His forgiveness. Amen.

All praise is due to Allah, we are well, enjoying the blessings of Allah day in and day out. We ask Allah to assist us to invoke His blessings and to thank Him. Truly, He is the Master of that and He is capable for it.

With hearts pleased with the destiny of Allah the Great and Exalted, and surrendered to His will, believing that what the Great and Exalted chooses for His faithful subjects is the best in life and the hereafter, we condole ourselves and you on the martyrdom of the hero cub, the grandson of bravery, our son Usama, may Allah have mercy on him and house him in the higher paradise with the prophets, martyrs, and the righteous ones. They are good companions. We congratulate him on the martyrdom he long wished despite his young age. He always wished it and asked me that he be a fidayi [man of sacrifice]. In the last days of his life, as he was playing with kids, he often acted out the image of his martyrdom, lying on the ground, eyes closed and smiling lightly, meaning he would be martyred this way. May Allah have mercy on him and may He join us to him firm and unchanged. Amen.

The heart indeed grieves and the eye tears up. We say but what pleases Allah the Great and Exalted. We indeed are sad to part with you, O Usama. We are from Allah and to Him we return.

All praise is due to Allah, we are satisfied with what Allah chose for us in life and the hereafter. And all praise is due to Allah, we fully accept what hits us, and we consider it an honour and a source of pride that Allah chose one of our sons as a martyr in His Way. It may outwardly seem to be a calamity, but it is indeed a great blessing by Allah the Great and Exalted. We praise Him in the first life and the other. Know, my honourable people, you crowns of our heads, that these tragedies and calamities that hit us on the road only make us firm, attached, and brave. We have to be patient and to continue the march until victory and these things settle in us.

Our path is that of the prophets, the path of the righteous, who offered themselves to Allah and sold themselves cheaply in His cause to please Him, to reform their Ummah, and to resurrect it anew. We ask Allah the Great and the Exalted to make us among them, to make us firm in the truth until we meet Him while He is pleased with us, and until He concludes our life with martyrdom in His Way, while we advance and not while we retreat.

Beloved mother, you set great hopes on Usama as honest. You often told me that you saw in him great qualities. With the passing days and years, I saw your kind words practically in front of me. May Allah have mercy on him, he had an amazing heart, a living heart moaning from the pain for our Ummah and for the circumstances of the oppressed. I often found him crying after he viewed a video or something similar. I recall that after the martyrdom of the father, may Allah have mercy on him, when he heard the news he was sad to a point we did not expect. We thought it was sadness like everybody else. But weeks and months later, I found him intermittently in the corner of the house. I ask him why, and he refuses to answer and tells his mother I do not want to make my dad more sad. After I insist, he would answer and say I remembered grandpa and so I wept. Now he is happy to see his grandfather, his uncle, and his aunt. I ask Allah to have mercy on all of them and to house them in the higher paradise. We had wished for him to grow into a full man and inflict the enemies of Allah and defend the territories of Islam and support his oppressed ummah, as al-Tuhami said:


So, O dear mother, have patience and count the rewards. It is Allah’s that which He takes and that which He gives, and everything has a deadline. Suffices the pride that Allah took your grandson as a shahid [martyr].

Dear brothers, kind sisters, do not be sad. The martyrdom of your nephew is an honour and a pride to you before it is to me an honour and a pride to his grandmother and honour and a pride to all our tribe. Here are the Bin Ladin offering their fifth gift on the pure land of Afghanistan and Khorasan cheaply in the cause of Allah the Great and Exalted and only in support for their oppressed umma [Muslim community]. He, may Allah have mercy on him, will be resurrected in East Waziristan and Khadija, may Allah have mercy on her, will be resurrected in South Waziristan. Usama, may Allah have mercy on him, will be resurrected from where you have no knowledge. They all are immigrants listed with the blood of their martyrdom.

When they are asked where were you killed? And why in far lands were you buried? They will say: in You O Lord, for You O Lord, in support of Your faith, O Lord, in defence of Your sanctities and in support of the oppressed in our umma. Each can intercede for seventy people. So congratulations to all of us for this great honour. We ask Allah to make us firm on their path and to join us to them, not disappointed or apologetic nor intrigued.

Shaykh Hamza bin Ladin

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