Islamic State Spokesman Addresses Coronavirus, Expansion in Africa, and Qatar

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 28 May 2020

After trailing the release yesterday, an audio statement from the Islamic State (IS) spokesman, Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi, was published by Al-Furqan Foundation today. It is entitled, “And the Disbelievers Will Know Who Gets the Good End”, i.e. heaven. The title is taken from a sura of the Qur’an [Ra’d (13):42]. The speech gloated about the damage the coronavirus has done to the West, presenting it as God’s revenge for the Coalition dislodging IS from the cities it had occupied in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere. There is the usual focus on anti-IS Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, who are warned that the U.S. is pulling back, thus those who bet on the U.S. for protection need to reassess or they will be killed. The two most significant parts of the speech are: (1) its focus on IS’s expansion in Africa, a visible fact for some time now, and the competition with Al-Qaeda in that area; and (2) the closing few minutes where Abu Hamza agitates against Qatar, a state that IS has never bothered with before in its messaging.

This is Abu Hamza’s third speech: his first in October announced his appointment as spokesman after his predecessor and the caliph had been killed, and his last speech on 27 January was more substantive about IS’s religious-political program, particularly inciting against its enemies, which included the usual suspects—anti-IS Sunnis above all, Iran, Iraqi Shi’is, America—and a rather unusual entry, namely Israel, a subject that IS generally doesn’t focus on.

This speech comes at a moment when IS Centre, in Iraq and Syria, is resurging in general—as are its branches around the world—but at the end of a ten-day period when IS’s enemies have registered some successes against the jihadists. Baghdad revealed that it had Abd al-Nasr, a very senior official who claims his real name is Taha al-Ghassani, in custody on 20 May. Just before that the U.S.-led Coalition took out two senior IS officials in eastern Syria, Ahmad al-Zawi (Abu Ali al-Baghdadi) and Ahmad al-Jughayfi (Abu Ammar), quite possibly based on intelligence from an earlier raid that captured Anwar Farhan. And probably based on information gathered in these operations, the Coalition was able to kill a member of IS’s Delegated Committee, Moataz Numan al-Jaburi (Haji Tayseer), earlier this week.

Abu Hamza’s speech today gloated about the damage the coronavirus has done to the West, presenting it as God’s revenge for the Coalition dislodging IS from the cities it had occupied in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere. There is the usual focus on anti-IS Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, who are warned that the U.S. is pulling back, thus those who bet on the U.S. for protection need to reassess or they will be killed. The two most significant parts of the speech are its focus on IS’s expansion in Africa, a visible fact for some time now, and the competition with Al-Qaeda in that area, and the closing few minutes where Abu Hamza agitates against Qatar, a state that IS has never bothered with before in its messaging.

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Summary of the Speech:

The nearly forty-minute speech begins with seven minutes of standard religious-ideological content before getting to the coronavirus pandemic: “We rejoice today with the great torment that befell you” from God, Abu Hamza says, albeit that “a greater punishment will befall you at our hands”. Abu Hamza compares the trouble with obtaining food (because of the panic-buying), the collapse of the economy, and people besieged in their own homes with what the anti-IS forces did to rout the terrorists in Mosul, Sirte (Libya), Baghuz, and elsewhere.

Abu Hamza mocks the West’s efforts to deal with COVID-19 and attacks the regional governments that have supposedly closing mosques while leaving Christian churches and nightclubs open, and used the virus as cover to imprison even more dissidents.

As ever, IS’s spokesman has a special fury for the Sunnis who oppose the group. The “apostate Taliban militia” is said to have trickily delayed announcing its deal with the Americans in Afghanistan for several years to stop the youth in Afghanistan joining IS’s Khorasan “province” (IS-K). Abu Hamza, at least, believes the Taliban will honour its commitment to help the U.S. suppress IS-K.

The Sunnis of Iraq are lectured on their predicament: the new Iraqi prime minister, Mustafa al-Kadhemi, is no kind of deliverance, says Abu Hamza. Al-Kadhemi is a spy of the Americans, says Abu Hamza, and as the former intelligence chief in Baghdad oversaw the sectarian persecution of the Sunni community by official and unofficial methods. Abu Hamza reminds listeners of the Sahwa (Awakening) experience when the Americans left the anti-IS Sunni militiamen to be destroyed by IS and the Iraqi government. “We warn them not to make themselves, once again, firewood for the fire of the Rafida (Shi’is) and the Crusaders,” says Abu Hamza, promising that the recent surge in attacks are only a taste of what’s coming. Addressing the Iraqi government and the Iranian-controlled militias aligned with it, Abu Hamza says there will not be a day that passes by without bloodshed inflicted on them.

The mostly-Sunni Syrian rebellion that has been engaged in a full-scale war with IS since 2014 is addressed in similar terms. And defeat is promised for Iran and its tributaries throughout the region; the Huthis (Ansarallah) in Yemen are noticeably namechecked.

A significant section of the speech is devoted to congratulating IS’s loyalists in Africa for expanding their operations and preparing the way for an escalation of hostilities with Al-Qaeda, represented in the Sahel by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and Jamaat Nasr al-Islam wal-Muslimeen (JNIM), which is accused of collaborating with the West against IS. Despite some slightly strange reporting in February (more in framing than substance), the intra-jihadi contest in West Africa has been heating up since at least the beginning of the year and looks likely to be a major theatre of jihadist growth and competition in the next period.

Strategically, Abu Hamza says IS views the situation as one of “major transformations” in the region that will provide “greater opportunities” than over the last decade. Abu Hamza says the caliph, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi (Muhammad al-Mawla), is pleased with the multi-national “Battle of Attrition” his soldiers carried out between 14 and 25 May, and incites them to escalate further, with a particular focus on freeing IS prisoners, who are encouraged to have patience. At the same time, Abu Hamza instructs IS’s operatives, forcefully, to avoid killing Sunni Muslims or damaging their property. Abu Hamza notes that the “Crusaders” are increasingly turned inward with their own problems so those who bet on the West should switch sides, if only for their personal protection, since repentance will be accepted but if IS gets to them before they renounce their opposition to IS then they will not be spared.

The most interesting part by far is the concluding three minutes where Abu Hamza attacks Qatar, a state that IS has never given any attention to previously. IS generally includes a section of ideological assault on Saudi Arabia, building on the narrative wherein IS is the true successor to the Wahhabi state founded in 1744 to argue that IS is the defender of “Sunnidom” at the present time, while the current Kingdom is a corrupt Western puppet and collaborator in attacks on “Muslims” (jihadists). (Al-Qaeda is also very Saudi-centric in its messaging.) It is therefore notable that while Abu Hamza attacks Turkey in this speech, a state that is a far lower ideological priority, he has nothing to say about Saudi Arabia.

Abu Hamza’s list of grievances against the Qatari government is long: it hosts the U.S.’s Al-Udeid Airbase that was key not only in Operation INHERENT RESOLVE but has been the “centre of the command” for the anti-IS mission across the entire region; it financed the Sahwa in Iraq that defeated IS a decade ago; it supported various rebel groups that fought IS in Syria; it supports the “apostate” Muslim Brotherhood throughout the region (the depth of IS’s hatred for the Brethren cannot be overstated); and it has good relations with the Shi’a-led government in Baghdad.

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Full Transcript:

Indeed, all praise belongs to God. We praise Him, seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge with God from the evils of ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds. Whoever God guides, no one can misguide him; and whoever God leaves to stray, no one can guide him. I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except God, alone with no equal to Him; and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messenger.

As for what follows:

God says: “We sent upon them widespread death, and the locusts and the lice and the frog and the blood, clear signs; but they behaved haughtily and they were a guilty people. And when the plague fell upon them, they said: O Musa! pray for us to your Lord as He has promised with you, if you remove the plague from us, we will certainly believe in you and we will certainly send away with you the children of Israel.* But when We removed the plague from them till a term which they should attain lo! they broke (the promise). Therefore We inflicted retribution on them and drowned them in the sea because they rejected Our signs and were heedless of them” [Al-A’raf: 133-136].

And He says: “And We made the children of Israel to pass through the sea, then Pharaoh and his hosts followed them for oppression and tyranny; until when drowning overtook him, he said: I believe that there is no god but He in Whom the children of Israel believe and I am of those who submit. What! now! and indeed you disobeyed before and you were of the mischief-makers. But We will this day deliver you with your body that you may be a sign to those after you, and most surely the majority of the people are heedless to Our communications” [Yunus: 90-92].

Glory to God who made with His wisdom the mention of Pharaoh and his tyranny in a Book recited until the Day of Resurrection, so that everyone who has a heart or listens sincerely will be those who avoid the fate of all who were unjust and arrogant, sowed corruption, and killed people. Yet, the tawaghit of this time have made the Ayah of Pharaoh as an example to follow and a method for them to imitate in the fight against the muwahideen, and the war on the shari’a of the Lord of all creation. All praise is due to God for immortalizing the mentioning of Pharaoh and his people until the Resurrection of the Hour.

Were it not for that, some of the tawaghit of our time or their masters would have come out to say that Pharaoh is a righteous man, who fought the Prophet of God, Musa, peace be upon him, because he wanted to change the religion of his people and spread corruption on earth! As Pharaoh claimed for himself. God Almighty says: “And Pharaoh said: Let me alone that I may slay Musa and let him call upon his Lord; surely I fear that he will change your religion or that he will make mischief to appear in the land” [Ghafir: 26].

Or they would have said that his war against the muwahideen and his scourge over the oppressed ones was heroic, and that his and his soldiers’ deaths, while chasing those fleeing to save their religion from their oppression, was a shahada, as they claim today for those who fight Islam and its people, and perish while fighting for the sake of the taghut.

They refuse to reflect on what befell those who preceded them, among the criminals whom God Almighty told about their condition and their destiny. They make themselves deaf to hearing the truth, and not only do they not learn from the Ayat, but do not even learn from the suffering that they experience, and do not review themselves or repent from their crimes, thereby increasing the anger of God says: “What is then the Almighty upon them. He matter with them, that they turn away from the admonition. As if they were asses taking fright. That had fled from a lion? Nay; every one of them desires that he may be given pages spread out” [Al-Muddathirah: 49-52].

And He says: “And most certainly We will make them taste of the nearer chastisement before the greater chastisement that haply they may turn. And who is more unjust than he who is reminded of the communications of his Lord, then he turns away from them? Surely We will give punishment to the guilty” (As-Sajdah: 21-22).

And He says: “And there does not come to them any communication of the communications of their Lord but they turn aside from it. So they have indeed rejected the truth when it came to them; therefore the truth of what they mocked at will shine upon them. Do they not consider how many a generation We have destroyed before them, whom We had established in the earth as We have not established you, and We sent the clouds pouring rain on them in abundance, and We made the rivers to flow beneath them, then We destroyed them on account of their faults and raised up after them another generation” [Al-An’am: 4-6].

This is the Sunnah of God that does not change nor does it shift. He the Almighty warns, with His wisdom, the tawaghit in every time. He reminds them of His anger that He sent and His painful punishment on all the people who fought His religion and His worshipers. He made them taste some of his might, so that they may turn away from their tyranny and kufr, and so that it will be an aid for His worshippers the muwahideen. He says: “And certainly We sent before you messengers to their people, so they came to them with clear arguments, then We gave the punishment to those who were guilty; and helping the believers is ever incumbent on Us” (Ar-Rum: 47).

With a mercy from Him the Almighty, He aids His pious servants. The Lord Almighty authorized a war against all those who stand against His worshipers the muwahideen, as stated in the Qudsi Hadith. On the authority of Abu Hurayra, may God be pleased with him, he said: “The Messenger of God said: “God Almighty says: ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine’”. God Almighty tormented Pharaoh and his followers, supporters, and soldiers who fought the muwahideen and messengers of the Lord of all creation, sending upon them the flood, the locusts, the lice, the frogs, and the blood, yet, they behaved haughtily and they were a guilty people. He also sent, with His might, on the followers of Pharaoh, the tawaghit of this time, their followers, their supporters, their electors, their servants, and their soldiers, torment from Him. He sent the weakest of His creatures—a creature that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The whole world is puzzled. The world led by the powerful tawaghit, who oppressed and tortured the muwahideen and caused the destruction of the homes of Muslims, and killed children, women, and the elderly, in a land ruled by the shari’a of God Almighty despite the nose of Pharaoh’s and Haman’s followers, the tawaghit of this time.

Today, O Crusaders, you have been inflicted by God’s hands with the like of your work, after you have fought His religion and His worshipers, and after you conspired against the Islamic State. Just as the limbs of the muwahideen were thrown in the streets by the bombing of your planes, and Muslims sheltered inside their homes for fear of your missiles, today, by God’s grace, you see how the bodies of your brothers were thrown in the streets and garbage, and a curfew was imposed on you, so you do not leave your homes.

As you surrounded the homes of the Muslims in Mosul, Sirte, Al-Baghuz and others, and you prevented food and drink from entering them, today, by God’s grace, things have turned against you and you have come to begging for aid after many of you lost everything you have.

And if you were once happy with the killing and destruction that befell us, then what happened to us, all praise is due to God, is nothing but goodness and blessings. We rejoice today with the great torment that befell you in this world, and we pray for God, may He be glorified, to enable us to get you, and a greater punishment will befall you at our hands. Then, the greater punishment will await you on the Day of Resurrection, the day of heartbreak and remorse, if you do not repent and believe in God Almighty.

God says: “Say, do you await for us but one of two most excellent things? And we await for you that God will afflict you with punishment from Himself or by our hands. So wait; we too will wait with you” [At-Tawba: 52].

And it will not be long until our Lord shows you again a lot of what you hate, from victory and empowerment to His religion in the land, and the implementation of His shari’a on it. You see it far away from happening, but we see it coming soon, and it is you who are sightless.

God says: “And We desired to bestow a favour upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and to make them the Imams, and to make them the heirs, And to grant them power in the land, and to make Firon [Pharaoh] and Haman and their hosts see from them what they feared” [Al-Qasas: 5-6].

Your predecessor, Pharaoh, perished before seeing the empowerment of the weak Muslims on the earth, but our Lord has shown you at the hands of the caliphate soldiers what you feared. He made you, with His glory, live in horror and terror from them, while they were far away from you, when He enabled us on the land. You stood hopeless. Then, you gathered all your dogs in a Crusader coalition, to which the tawaghit of Arabs, who attribute themselves to Islam and its people falsely, raced towards you. The competition between you was to pour your hatred against the muwahideen with all your weapons, even those that you have forbidden and criminalized in your kufr laws, in a war on which you spent billions of dollars. Your planes bombed buildings and people, young and old, and you destroyed the homes of Muslims on their heads. You hated them for no reason except that they believed in God, the Mighty and Righteous.

You hated us because we screamed loud with the truth and rejected you and what you worship other than God Almighty. Because we screamed loud with the aqeeda of al-Wala Wal Bara, and because we screamed loud with the religion of Ibrahim, peace and prayers be upon him, and rejected your taghut regimes that you worship other than God Almighty.

Be certain that all the crimes you have committed, that you are proud of, will not deter us, by God’s permission, from the path of faith. We will go on the path of light and guidance. We do not care, fear, hesitate, or change, because we have not fought and will not fight for political gain, nor for the application of a social or economic theory or a philosophical saying; rather, it is for the religion of the Lord of all creation we fight. The religion that He commanded to be established in His land, to be ruled by His worshipers, and to fight for it. We will not compromise on our religion, nor will we relent. We will not dismiss or resign, until the Lord rules between us and you.

Hear it, O tawaghit of the world, hear it from us well! We will not lay down weapons nor stop the war until there is no fitnah on earth, and all religion will be for God while you are humiliated.

Today, and all praise is due to God, you are bemoaning all that you spent in the war against the muwahideen. And here we see you as you bleed your wealth heavily in desperate attempts to save your economies that have been exhausted by the pandemic. Many of your allies are on the brink of bankruptcy, begging for support and taking on debt, after they wasted their money in vain to hold back from the path of God.

He says: “Surely those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder (people) from the way of God; so they shall spend it, then it shall be to them an intense regret, then they shall be overcome; and those who disbelieve shall be driven together to hell” [Al-Anfal: 36].

All praise is due to God, who made you bemoan what your hands spent on the war against the muwahideen. And all praise is due to God, who sent you His punishment and painful torture to keep you busy with yourselves and stop your evil against Muslims. You are still confused and floundering about the deadly virus. You are still unable to treat it, afraid of its outcomes. You were claiming that you possessed this world with its entity, and you said, as your ancestors said before: “Who is more powerful than us today?” God is stronger and greater, and God is greater and mightier. He, alone, inflicted His torture on you, and He Almighty, alone, is the One able to lift it. Thus, repent to your Lord, ask from Him and He will answer. Ask for His aid and He will help you. Do not be arrogant with Him, for He will increase His punishment and torment. Then, when you pray for Him, He will not answer, for God is mighty with His revenge, and all wise with His judgment.

He says: “O people! A parable is set forth, therefore listen to it: surely those whom you call upon besides God cannot create fly, though they should all gather for it, and should the fly snatch away anything from them, they could not take it back from i weak are the invoker and the invoked. They have not estimated God with the estimation that is due to Him; most surely God is Strong, Mighty” [Al-Hajj: 73-74].

And says: “And if We show mercy to them and remove the distress they have, they would persist in their inordinacy, blindly wandering on. And already We overtook them with chastisement, but they were not submissive to their Lord, nor do they humble themselves” [Al-Muminun: 75-76].

And He says: “And those before them did indeed make plans, but all planning is God’s; He knows what every soul earns, and the unbelievers shall come to know for whom is the (better) issue of the abode” [Ar-Ra’ad 42].

Perhaps you will be afraid and turn back from your tyranny, after you saw the signs of God Almighty in your countries. What is wrong with you? Do you not learn from the Ayat [signs of God’s greatness] that were revealed on your ancestors, or the other nations that perished before you? You proceeded with your corruption, and you continued in your arrogance, injustice, and atheism. God Almighty says: “Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return” [Ar-Rum: 41].

Perhaps after this you will return, and you will fear the Mighty King and learn the lesson. Atta bin Abu Rabah narrated that Abdullah bin Umar said, may God be pleased with them: “The Messenger of God came to us and said: “O muhajirun, there are five things with which you will be tested, and I seek refuge with God lest you live to see them: Immorality never appears among a people to such an extent that they commit it openly, but plagues and diseases that were never known among the predecessors will spread among them. They do not cheat in weights and measures but they will be stricken with famine, severe calamity and the oppression of their rulers. They do not withhold the Zakah of their wealth, but rain will be withheld from the sky, and were it not for the animals, no rain would fall on them. They do not break their covenant with God and His Messenger, but God will enable their enemies to overpower them and take some of what is in their hands. Unless their leaders rule according to the Book of God and seek all good from that which God has revealed, God will cause them to fight one another.”

O God, we ask you to inflict the plague, the aches, and the sickness on the followers of Pharaoh, the tawaghit of the Arabs and the non-Arabs, the enemies of Islam, for they have left no corruption they have not done and used to fight against your slaves.

O Lord, we ask you to save Muslims everywhere from pandemics and illness. We ask Him the Almighty to take revenge on the magicians of the era, the tawaghit scholars who talk on their behalf, and justify every falsehood issued by them. We have seen them in the recent ordeal of the pandemic how they are keen to call for the closure of mosques and the prevention of gatherings, Hajj, Umrah, and other rituals of Islam, under the pretext of fear of infection, at a time when they are silent about the gatherings of sins and promiscuity, and what happens in clubs, dance halls, and gatherings of shirk and kufr in Christian churches and idolator temples to which they race. As if the infection is transmitted only in Muslim mosques! All of this is in obedience to their tyrannical masters who claim, through their false allegations, to preserve the health and safety of people, while imprisoning hundreds of thousands of Muslims in their prisons where they suffer torment, and spread various pandemics and diseases.

These criminals, in light of their preoccupation with the implementation of the orders of their tawaghit, have forgotten to order people to return to God Almighty, repent and submit to Him, glory be to Him, and seek forgiveness from sins. He says: “But God was not going to chastise them while you were among them, nor is God going to chastise them while yet they ask for forgiveness” (Al-Anfal: 33).

To Muslims everywhere:

We again remind you of your duty towards your religion and your brothers to support them with self and money, defend their honor, and seek to join them and participate with them in their jihad for the sake of God. The Lord says: “O you who believe! Shall I lead you to a merchandise which may deliver you from a painful chastisement? You shall believe in God and His Messenger, and struggle hard in God’s way with your property and your lives; that is better for you, did you but know! He will forgive you your faults and cause you to enter into gardens, beneath which rivers flow, and goodly dwellings in gardens of perpetuity; that is the mighty achievement; And yet another (blessing) that you love: help from God and a victory near at hand; and give good news to the believers” [As-Saff: 10-13].

So, for how long will you remain behind in the aid of your religion, and the jihad against the enemy of God and your enemy?! What is your excuse before God Almighty for your sitting?! Prepare an answer to the question, and it better be the correct answer.

Fear God! Fear God with regards to the support of your religion, for the truth has been shined and the falsehood has been revealed, and the kufr of those who stand on the side of atheists who have declared it as a war against the muwahideen is no longer hidden.

Today we are but in two pavilions: a pavilion of faith without hypocrisy, and a pavilion of hypocrisy without faith. Infidel in our fight, then the relative before the distant. You have seen how the murtad parties and governments lined up in a single trench with the Crusaders, Jews, the Rafida, Nusayris, atheists, the secularists, and the nations of kufr. They have gathered against us from all sides, and none of these murtad and kafir parties hesitated in fighting us: the closer ones before the farther ones.

Moreover, even those claiming to be on the path of jihad, sometimes they claim that we are rogue Kharijites, sometimes they claim that we are corruptors on the earth, and sometimes they claim that we are fanatical extremists. No, by God, they were never honest in their claims. Perhaps they may consult with each other and come out to us with one opinion, and declare that it is a war against Muslims, and to replace the shari’a of the Lord of all creation.

On the other hand, we have announced it very clearly that we, and by God’s grace, follow the path of the best of humankind, our Prophet Muhammad who was sent with the sword just before the Hour so that God be worshipped alone without partners.

It was said to him when he was chosen: “Anyone who came with something similar to what you have brought was treated with hostility.” Our deeds are more powerful than our words.

We were and still are, and all praise is due to God alone, a thorn in the throats of the parties that deviated from the shari’a, which replaced the religion of God Almighty.

We were and still are, and all praise is due to God alone, a barrier blocking their efforts to mislead Muslims, spoil their beliefs, and drive them to the falls of democracy, patriotism, and loyalty to mushrikin.

If we do not place anything on the balance of the Islamic State, except for preventing tens of thousands of young Muslims from fighting and dying under kafir and blind banners, and they would lose their religion and worldly life, that would suffice it. How, then, when we have established the religion, ruled the land according to the shari’a of the Lord of all creation, and assigned the imam to unite the Muslim group, despite the nose of the Crusaders and their murtad followers. Indeed, that is the reason for their hostility to us and their allying against us.

Today, they are planning to implement new treacherous projects that they delayed announcing for a few years. They have been hiding them for fear of losing their followers and joining the Islamic State. All of these projects revolve around allying with the Crusaders to fight the muwahideen, and preventing the implementation of the shari’a of the Lord of all creation, in order to gain their satisfaction, and accept giving them some gains and positions.

Among these projects is the agreement on the withdrawal of the American army from Afghanistan, which is a cover for the existing alliance between the murtad Taliban militia and the Crusaders to fight the Islamic State, and lay the foundation to establish a national government that brings together Taliban murtadeen, mushrik rafida, and other sects of kufr and ridda. This agreement could not take place, but only after the Crusader campaign against the caliphate soldiers in the Nangarhar area, in which the murtadeen of the Pakistani and Afghan armies, their brothers from the Taliban militia, and other murtad militias participated.

After that, they thought that they had eliminated the State of Islam, and the land was left for them to do whatever they want. But they were disappointed, by God’s grace alone, and the soldiers of the Islamic State foiled their dreams. The operations of the caliphate soldiers, all praise is due to God, are still continuing in the heart of the capital of the taghut, and in other areas of Khurasan, and depriving the Crusaders and the murtadeen of their sleep, shaking their corners, and shattering their delusions.

And the mujahideen are still determined to fight them, until they purify the land from their shirk, and establish the religion of God alone in those lands, by the permission of the Lord.

They are still keen to thwart all plans of the murtadeen, and to topple their kafir governments, and their obscene laws. We ask God to bless their jihad, maximize their grief in their enemies, and make them supreme above them.

As for Iraq Wilaya, the murtadeen have, once again, dared to peak their heads out of the burrows they entered years ago. They hope that America will allow them to reorganize their extinct factions, and to give them a region they rule by the law of the taghut, in exchange for them to be a prepared soldier in fighting the Islamic State, and impeding the activity of its soldiers, as there their brothers are doing in Sham today. These suggestions were strengthened after control of the rafida government has been taken by America’s close client and its beloved spy, Mustafa al-Kadhemi, may God disgrace him and his allies. They hope that he will be less hostile to them than other heads of the Rafida parties such as al-Maliki, al-Ja’fari, al-’Abadi and Abdul-Mahdi, whom preceded him in his position, and they were like him in his kufr and ridda.

Perhaps it has been long over for them and they have forgotten what happened to them in the past years at the hands of the soldiers of the Islamic State, who purified the land from their filth, and made them a lesson for those who were left behind.

We are ready, by God’s permission, to repeat the lesson again and again, and we will not be distracted from this by fighting the Rafida, the Crusaders, and all the nations of kufr.

Perhaps they have forgotten how America betrayed them before, after having exhausted their benefit from them by fighting the muwahideen, and then, they handed over their necks to the mushrik Rafida, who inflicted on them the harshest torture: death, capture, and displacement.

Perhaps they force themselves to forget that the murtad Al-Kadhemi was and still is the head of the intelligence apparatus, the sword of the rafid applied on the necks of the oppressed Muslims, and their tool in fabricating the charges for them, to arrest them, torture them, and kill them, under what they call the cover of the law. What is wrong with them? Can’t they think? Can’t they understand?

We warn them not to make themselves, once again, firewood for the fire of the Rafida and the Crusaders. Perhaps the recent operations of the caliphate soldiers in various areas of Iraq will awaken them from their dreams, and remove from their heads the whispers of devils who suggest to them that the land has been emptied of its lions, and it is time for foxes to act like lions there. Happy is he who learns the lessons of others, and benefited from their experiences.

As for the rafida, we say to them:

Prepare to face the muwahideen face to face after your American masters began withdrawing their forces from Iraq. God willing, you will not benefit from your false media claims, nor your alleged campaigns and victories. What happened to you during the past weeks at the hands of the caliphate soldiers is only the tip of the iceberg.

Know, O Rafida of Iraq, O Nusayris of Sham, O Majus of Iran, and O mushrik Huthis, who worship the shrines and idols, that your war against us is a long one, and you cannot stand it, and you are not up to it, by God’s permission. We have determined that no day will pass unless your filthy blood is shed, by God’s permission.

O Nusayris of Sham, you have seen how your convoys leave to fight us and do not come back. The ambushes and detachments of lions terminate them.

As for West Africa Wilaya, where the Crusaders and the murtadeen were unable to defeat the Islamic State in its various area, Al-Qaeda murtadeen offer themselves, on their behalf, to fight the caliphate soldiers, in exchange for accepting the tawaghit there to negotiate with them and leave the Crusaders to fight them!

They have allied with all the sects of kufr and ridda in those countries, to direct all their strength to fight the soldiers of the Islamic State, and prevent them from carrying out jihad against the armies of the Crusaders and their murtad allies in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Algeria. In fact, they moved from the stage of allying to the stage of showing hostility against Muslims, just like their brothers in the other branches and areas.

They were offended and upset by the news that was seen successively about the conquests of the caliphate soldiers, their destruction of the armies of ridda, and the news of the inability of the Crusaders and murtadeen to confront them.

They were also angered by the repeated attacks of the mujahideen on the murtad army in Algeria, and they abandoned fighting it for years, and even made themselves guard dogs for it, preventing others from that!

Then, they had their backs broken by the abandoning of large groups of their followers and joining the Islamic State, after facts, that had been withheld from them in the past, were revealed for them. And, today, they kill whoever leaves them to join the Islamic State in West Africa Wilaya. They unjustly accuse him of being a Kharijite, shed his blood, and take his money, while they do not prevent those of their followers from joining the murtad factions of the secular, patriotic, and others, and they see them as their brothers and become loyal to them in religion.

The caliphate soldiers have postponed their fighting and have endured patience for years. They nicely called upon their followers to the right path, and kindly talked to their emirs and students of shari’a knowledge.

However, the only answer to their betrayal is fighting them, for iron cannot be thwarted except with iron, and if they return to our fight, we return to them again. We have more defeats for them, by God’s permission. There is neither power nor might except from God.

To the caliphate soldiers everywhere:

May God bless you, your jihad, and your recent operations, which rocked the governments and parties of kufr and ridda everywhere.

The world was shocked at the sincerity of your deeds. The enemies of Islam, all praise is due to God, have become confused about how to stop you and repel you. They have done the utmost to stop you, and you have proven to them, and all praise is due to God, the contrary to what they thought.

Know, O our brothers and beloved ones, that the road is long, thus, you need to take a provision.

God says: “And take a provision (with you) for the journey, but the best of provisions is right conduct. So, fear Me, o ye that are wise” [Al-Baqarah: 197].

And He says: “That Home of the Hereafter we shall give to those who intend not high-handedness or mischief on earth: and the end is (best) for the righteous” [Al-Qasas: 83].

We urge you and ourselves to fear God in secret and in public. One of the greatest things that God can be feared through is the safety of the believers—their blood, money, and honour—because it is the greatest sanctity mentioned by our Lord, the Highest of all. It was among what the Prophet urged his umma to do in Hajjat al-Wada: “Verily your blood, your property and your honour are as sacred and inviolable as the sanctity of this day of yours, in this month of yours and in this town of yours. Verily! I have conveyed this message to you.” (Agreed upon).

By God, take care of the blood and money of the Muslims. Beware of touching them except for the right of Islam. Do your utmost to defend them from the hands of the kuffar and murtadeen. By God, take care of the honour of the Muslims. Avoid backbiting and unjust saying, and speak only good of them.

Likewise, we urge you to feel the weight of the trust that has been placed on your shoulders, for we have carried a great trust, which the heavens, the earth, and the mountains refused to bear. By God, support the oppressed ones and remove the injustice from them, for the eyes of the muwahideen in the east and west of the land await your vanguards, and their hopes, after God, are pinned on you.

And know that the whole world is heading towards great things, and that what you are seeing today is only a sign of major transformations, which the Muslim countries will witness in the coming period, by God’s permission. There will be greater opportunities than those God facilitated for you a decade ago in some countries, which gone through the events you know.

Hence, prepare for the next phase what you can of strength and equipment, and terrorize the enemies of God, your enemies, and others from behind them that you do not know but God is knowledgeable of them.

We urge you to be harsh on the kafir enemies of God. Address them with the sharp swords, wage the invasions, do not stop the raids, and do not leave a day that passes for the murtadeen and their Crusader masters without terrorizing them.

Ambush them in the streets, burn their convoys with explosive devices, destroy checkpoints and barracks, and let your slogan be: I do not want to survive if the servants of the tawaghit survive.

We inform you, that the Amir al-Mu’mineen and the caliphate of Muslims, Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi (may God preserve him) sends you his sincere greetings. He congratulates you on the Battle of Attrition, and urges you to have patience and steadfastness, and to persist in the remembrance of God and draw closer to Him.

He also urges you to draw the plans and multiply the operations, and to take revenge for Muslims and their honours, remove injustice from them, and strive to save your brother and sister captives everywhere. Thus, do everything possible, and spare no effort in that.

And to our brother and sister captives, may God grant them steadfastness, Amirul-Mu’mineen (may God preserve him) urges you to have patience for the calamity that has befallen you, and that your hearts and tongues do not turn away from the mention and remembrance of God. Seek help with patience and prayer, and let you be certain that God will not break the hearts of believers.

Know that your brothers, after putting their trust in God, have not forgotten about you for even one day. They are doing everything they can to save you, and avenge you against your jailers and interrogators. Have patience and steadfastness, for He says: “Surely with difficulty is ease. With difficulty is surely ease” [Ash-Sharh: 5-6].

And to the tawaghit, the rulers of the Muslim countries, who did not leave a door of kufr and treachery without entering it, and did not leave a way to help the Crusaders in their war against Muslims, all praise is due to God:

Your money has started to run out, while you have been spending it to block the way to God.

Your Crusader masters started to be preoccupied with their own problems. You thought that they would protect you from us until the Day of Resurrection, so who will protect you from us after today?! And who will stand between you and us?!

By God’s permission, we will continue in our hostility towards you, and we will always strive to fight you, and incite Muslims to do so, until you repent to God from your kufr, refrain from your injustice, and stop your hands from the blood of Muslims, their money, and their honour.

We do not differentiate between those, among you, who declare their hostility against the religion and its people and between those who hide it and conceal their kufr by bribing the murtad corrupt Brotherhood, to make it as an imam and guide, while it leads them blindly to Hell, like the tawaghit of Turkey and Qatar.

We have never forgotten that al-Udeid air base, that was built by the tawaghit of Qatar to host the American army, was and still is the centre of the command of the Crusader campaign against Muslims in Khurasan, Iraq, Sham, and Yemen.

We have never forgotten that the tawaghit of Qatar were the planners, executors, and financiers of the project of transforming the fighting factions in Iraq into the Sahwat agents for the Rafida and the Crusaders, whose sole task is to fight the muwahideen.

We have never forgotten that they financed the Sahwat project in Sham, and directed it through the murtad Brotherhood and the bad scholars who take orders from them, to turn the rifles of the factions from the chests of the Nusayris to the backs of the Muslims.

We have never forgotten that they were and still are funding the Rafida government in its war against the Sunnis, nor that they have funded the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the militia of the Rafidi Mobilization with more than a billion dollars to continue to slaughter the Muslims, destroy their land, and violate their honours, with what was known at that time as a deal to hand over the city of Zabadani to the Nusayris. We will never forget Your crimes, and for each and every matter there is a decree from God.

Our Lord, do not impose blame upon us if we have forgotten or erred! Our Lord, lay not upon us a burden like that which You laid upon those before us! Our Lord, burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear! Pardon us, forgive us, and have mercy upon us! You are our Protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people.

God is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know. All praise is due to God, the Lord of all creation.

*                  *                  *                  *                  *

POSTSCRIPT: After Abu Hamza’s speech, the Islamic State has continued its media campaign against Qatar.

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