Joe Biden Chose Disaster in Afghanistan

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on 16 August 2021

The Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital on Sunday after a nine-day offensive captured one provincial capital after another. The United States had already decided to abandon the country, and without the US the other NATO states had no choice but to leave. It was quite clear that the Afghan state would crumble in the absence of a Western presence, though it seems President Joe Biden thought he would have a longer “decent interval” before the Saigon evacuation scenes and the massacres began.

Biden’s claim the withdrawal merely followed an agreement he inherited from Donald Trump is misleading in all respects. Biden has reversed many Trump policies he disapproved of. Moreover, Trump did not sign a “deal” as such with the Taliban in February 2020, but a withdrawal agreement, essentially an unconditional one. US troops had been withdrawing from Afghanistan since October 2019, if not before, and Trump had telegraphed his desperation for a fig-leaf to cover this policy.

To the extent the Taliban can be said to have agreed to anything, it was to prevent areas it controls being used by Al-Qaedawhich it cannot do, since Al-Qaeda is so deeply interwoven, practically and ideologically, with the Talibanand to engage in peace talks with the Afghan government, which it also refused to do.

The Taliban never recognised the now-fallen Afghan government or constitution. America’s decision not to begin by insisting that the Taliban change this position, and instead to engage the Taliban directly over the heads of the leadership in Kabul, was only the first in a disastrous series of steps within the framework of this so-called peace process that gutted the capacity and morale of the Afghan state, while bolstering the Taliban, both in legitimacy and on the battlefield.

While the Afghan government was circumvented and denigrated, the Taliban was treated as a legitimate international actor. This never stopped, despite the fact that the Taliban never ceased its public affirmations that its policy was violent jihad until it had conquered the whole country. Astonishingly, US. officials were speaking until just a few days ago of the importance of what happened in Doha, Qatar, where the “negotiations” took place; the Taliban occupied nine provincial capitals by that time.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Biden Chose Disaster in Afghanistan

  1. pre-Boomer Marine brat

    Good one. (Certain grammar leaves me scratching my head, but maybe I just need more caffeine.)

    I beg to add that the American Electorate, which I’m part of, is also responsible — by electing three fluffballs in a row to the White House. I’m not certain, but I think parts of the Web and all of social media are partly to blame.

    Last fall, I was having my car serviced at the local Firestone shop, chatting with a fellow sitting next to me in the customer lounge. He was gray-haired, very rational and pleasant, and had retired from the USN Reserve with the rank of Captain. Somehow, the talk turned to the Middle East. He casually began explaining how ISIS had been created, and was still being run by … “the Jews and the CIA”.

    I smiled and nodded, and began praying that the mechanic would hurry up.

  2. pre-Boomer Marine brat

    One more thing, referencing the tweets about Biden on the home page.

    Look at how young Joe Biden got into the Senate in the first place. Look at how he remained, and what his record was (on the losing side of every foreign policy debate during his Senate career.)

    Barack Obama’s sole talent is orating artistically before a pair of teleprompters. Biden’s is as a glad-handing street politician, commuting by train back to Delaware each night. Delaware loves Biden for that, in spite of him being a fluffball.


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